I'm Alex

I’m the founder of Alex Beckett Photography. Before becoming a photographer I was a software security specialist (IT geek for hacker, keeping the nasty hackers out of vital infrastructure). I was photographing at weekends but some of my innovations in lighting (Vogue Brazil called my work ‘light painting’) and the awards I won meant I had a viable new career. I went full-time in 2014.

Photography starts with listening, because this is about you. Great reportage is the base line of what I offer - capturing the small moments that come together to tell the story of your day. It's about being sensitive, alert and having the technical expertise to deliver. Most people (though not all) want reportage as a key element. Then there are the wow! shots, where my innovative lighting expertise comes into play. It's about making the most of the architecture but not for posy shots -- just keeping it playful and fun. Which is also what I aim to do for the group shots - these need to capture you and your friends' vibe in a natural, fun way.

how i work

I get to photograph people at the happiest moments of their lives. I always want the chance to get to know you as a couple and to reflect you and your friends’ personalities in a creative way. I never want to be an ‘employed extra’ at a wedding. I want you to feel that I’m a friend, whose commitment and energy is focused on your day. While photography is my priority, I’m always there as reassuring and upbeat company, too, who can help you through any last-minute snags and capture your day. Basically, I want you to have the best memories possible, and for my presence and photos to help provide those.

My wedding photographs are often chosen by the UK’s most-prestigious newspaper, as part of their regular Saturday feature on real weddings.

I was profiled in a television documentary by the UK’s Channel Five, who shadowed me as the UK’s leading expert on London pre-weddings.

My shots have been highlighted multiple-times as the work of an award-winning photographer that ‘you don’t want to miss’ .

Ada backpacked with us to 10 countries before the age of one!

G-BYMJ - The first plane I flew solo.


When not immersed in taking photos at weddings, I like to live an energetic life. I've travelled to six of the world’s seven continents. I also run a business innovating cutting-edge software, which has sold to over 10,000 other photographers. I have a wonderful four-year-old daughter and am active in my local community as an elected Councillor. Despite having a wife who works in film/TV, I rarely get the chance to watch much! Ideal way to unwind would be travelling on a “chicken bus” through Africa, especially if it contains both a chicken and a goat!