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Hengrave Hall is a unique venue for a wedding, one I've really enjoyed returning to over my career as a wedding photographer. It's a completely secluded venue but huge, so every location feels different and there are so many unexpected hidden gems for photo locations. The Grade 1 Listed hall itself, the private church, the sweeping gardens and grounds - you're miles away from everyday life here, almost in another, better world, and yet everything you want for a wedding, and wedding photography(!), is contained on site. If you’d like to know more about packages and starting prices, click here and we’ll get back to you asap! There are no extra travel charges or overnight stay costs for Hengrave Hall weddings.

Even though I have been returning to Hengrave Hall since the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer, there is always something that takes me by surprise and sparks a new idea for a shot. The first wedding I photographed here was back in 2014, when the groom wanted to arrive by helicopter, and of course the Hengrave Hall grounds were big enough to humour him. If you can't indulge your dreams on your wedding day, when can you? So the sheer scope of the shots is what I go prepared for, and as always a photographer should never have 'stock shots' but react to the day and, in this case, to the stunning possibilities of the venue.

Close-up as bride first meet groom
Overview of wedding ceremony in beautiful chapel at Hengrave Hall
The wedding breakfast toasts at Hengrave Hall
Natural shot of mirror reflecting smiling bride
A thoughtful moment for the bride after preparations are complete
Smiling groom captured in reflected light in the chapel

Hengrave Hall is arranged around an inner courtyard which allows for infinite possibilities. I've photographed weddings where the dancers spilled from one of the gorgeous rooms into the courtyard to take a breath and cool off. It's one of the few venues where a room doesn't have to be turned around, from hosting the ceremony to becoming the dance floor, for example. And the hall is at a distance from neighbours, so there's a chance for wedding fireworks to wow your guests. You can imagine, I load a lot of heavy kit into my car to meet all these different possibilities but as Hengrave Hall is close to my own home and there are no parking problems, the wedding-photographer logistics are simple!

Uproarious fun on the dance floor
Newly-weds seated in Hengrave Hall courtyard at night
Informal portrait of smiling couple
The bridal party prepare at Hengrave Hall
Father of the bride sees his daughter in her wedding finery
Touching moment as bride smiles at groom

The grounds at Hengrave Hall seem to stretch away forever. The lake is sometimes used as a ceremony location for those who don't want a church service or blessing. It's a beautiful natural area which contrasts perfectly with the formality of other areas of the grounds. Summer wedding guests may enjoy the perfumed roses or play croquet while the newly weds take a few quiet moments for some photography, slipping in and out of the reception knowing their guests are superbly entertained.

Smiling guest at drinks reception in gardens
Guest couple caught in warm natural portrait
Wedding guests play traditional games in the Hengrave Hall gardens

GETTING MARRIED AT hengrave hall?

Alex is uniquely experienced having photographed many times at Hengrave Hall, and loves to return here. Do get in touch for an informal chat about your wedding photography and how Alex can help you achieve what's in your mind.

Postscript from a Hengrave Hall Wedding Photographer

Royal Weddings

Several monarchs of England have been associated with this Tudor manor house. King James II visited Hengrave often and was a guest at the wedding of the owner back in 1670 so your guests here are in good company.

Choice of Wedding

Hengrave Hall is a wedding venue that is able to offer both religious ceremonies and civil ceremonies. It also has 21 bedrooms available for overnight stays, and a sister location to house the overspill of guests.

The Oriel Window

I seem to spend much of my time as a wedding photographer following in the footsteps of the much-married Henry VIII! Here his royal arms turn up on the oriel window above Hengrave Hall's entrance.