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wedding photography Trinity COllege Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge, has to be one of the prettiest places in the world to photograph a wedding. I’ve been photographing weddings here, including for the Master's daughter, since I started my career with a camera, and I'm always excited to return to this architectural gem. Having a fine art photograph of the grand simplicity of Trinity College 's Wren Library on your wall would be amazing - but even more special when your wedding day is captured within it! There are so many magical nooks and corners for wedding photography in a venue such as Trinity College, Cambridge, and I never grow tired of exploring to find new shots.

It’s the layers of history in the architecture that makes Trinity such an interesting place to photograph a wedding, with phenomenal angles. The East Anglian light in the summer is always beautiful on the honey-coloured colleges and on the Backs, and can really impart a poeticism to wedding photography at the Cambridge colleges. But it’s important, too, to ensure that the romantic energy of a young couple getting married at Trinity – with their family and friends celebrating the occasion – translates to the images and isn’t over-taken by the imposing location. Wedding photography is always about people in the moment, so a photographer needs to find the balance between showing the beauty of a chosen wedding venue, such as Trinity College, and ensuring the focus is always, completely, on the bride and groom. The great thing about wedding photography at Trinity College is that there are so many different locations and moods to capture, and as the college grounds are by the river, I've also photographed Trinity brides arriving via punt, too. Being a resident of Cambridge myself, I know all about the best places to photograph at this college, this river and in this city!

If you’d like to know more about packages and starting prices, click here and we’ll get back to you asap! There are no extra travel charges or overnight stay costs for Cambridge weddings as I'm lucky enough to live in this beautiful city - and I know it extremely well!

Fun wedding group shot in rain at Trinity College, Cambridge
Wedding guests in Trinity College gardens, Cambridge
Wedding couple on punt in Cambridge

Another classical and awesome location for exchanging wedding vows. Walking up the aisle here, under a Tudor roof dating to the Queens Mary and Elizabeth, is a special experience. And, of course, with the arrangement of the seating in the college chapels, your family has a really special view, too. It always strikes me that a great wedding photograph taken in the Trinity College chapel is an image you'll look back on in twenty or thirty years with incredible pride and emotion. Couples often hold their ceremony here, their drinks reception (or cocktail hour) in the Trinity gardens and their wedding breakfast in the formal hall. Those all require sensitivity from the photographer to very different lighting and the contrasting ambience in each location. No wonder I'm always excited to photograph a wedding at Trinity, Cambridge!

First kiss in Trinity College, Cambridge chapel
Portrait of bride smiling at groom
Wedding couple embrace in Cambridge cloisters

The hammer-beam roof and Jacobean carved panels here offer another impressive background for Trinity wedding photographs. However, this is also a great opportunity to get some of those natural photographs of the wedding breakfast , which really capture the mood and joy of the day - of family and friends coming together to celebrate your marriage. I've photographed at Trinity College so many times, but there's always something unique about each wedding and I love capturing the contrast between the ancient architecture and the relaxed happiness of people enjoying the occasion.

Fun shot of playful older wedding guests
Couple exchange look during reception at Trinity College
Natural shot of guests during Trinity College wedding reception


Alex is uniquely experienced having photographed many times at Trinity, from high summer weddings to winter snow storms! Do get in touch as we'd love to hear about your photography ideas and how Alex can help you realise them. There are no extra travel charges or overnight stay costs for Cambridge weddings.

Postscript from a Trinity College Wedding Photographer

Rubber Ducks

None have appeared for quite a while but take a good look at the roof in the hall during the wedding breakfast. A little family of rubber ducks used to appear and move around the perches on a regular basis.

The Apple Tree

Guests at a wedding at Trinity College should take a look at the 'Flower of Kent' apple tree near the entrance, which was grafted from one at Sir Isaac Newton's childhood home, where watching an apple fall brought the realisation of the law of gravity.

Henry VIII

The much-married founder of Trinity College. Guests sit under his portrait during a wedding breakfast in the formal hall. But take a look at his statue in the Great Gate where his sceptre was replaced by a chair leg many years ago in a prank.