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Pre-Wedding: Selwyn College & St John’s College Cambridge – Lucinda & Chi

After Ivy and Ronald’s pre-wedding yesterday this one comes from Lucinda and Chi in Cambridge. Lucinda used to study at Selwyn (incidentally where I shot one of my first weddings many years ago!) and she’d brought Chi over from home in Malaysia to relive some old memories. We spent some time there exploring the fellows garden before heading into Cambridge to try and find out way into a few more colleges. Many giggles and some great Thai food later we […]

Pre-Wedding: Cambridge and London – Lina & Eugene

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lina and Eugene over two days for an epic pre-wedding shoot; one day in Cambridge and one in London. I really love it when my couples come armed with ideas of their own – it’s always great to have that extra source of inspiration. And Lina and Eugene not only came through with the ideas – they are also two of the most charming people I’ve ever met. Anyone who’s tried to […]

Wedding: Old Hall, Stutney, Ely – Sheena & Aaron

Being a wedding photographer can be an odd job, because you’re both employee and, at least on the wedding day itself, an extra friend. And there are couples who seem to have inadvertently welcomed me into their entire friendship group! So it was that Sheena and Aaron got me on board after I’d photographed Holly and Phil, and Gemma and James’ weddings in years gone by. It’s always really lovely to see my old couples again, so it was an […]

Wedding: Emmanuel College, Cambridge – Lydia & Jerry

I actually met Jerry yonks ago through my wife, Holly, when he did some awesome theatre work for her. Fast forward a few years and I’m feeling pretty honoured that Jerry and Lydia chose me to photograph their wedding. Emmanuel College is where Jerry grew up (his father is a Fellow there), so it was really amazing that he and Lydia were the first couple to get married under the very tree that he used to play under as a […]

Wedding: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge – Steph and James

Steph and James came all the way back from Australia to get married at the gorgeous Corpus Christi College in Cambridge – and kudos to their Australian friends and family who made the trip with them! Cambridge is a bit of a spiritual home for me already, having lived there for many years, but this wedding held a bit more sentimentality for me because Steph (with exceptionally good taste!) got ready at the Hotel du Vin, which is where I […]

Wedding: Longstowe Hall, Cambridge – Tara & Tom

So Tara and Tom had been keeping an eye on my work for four years (yes, that was a big ego boost – thanks guys!), ever since I shot their friend Alana’s wedding. When they booked me, they already had a list of my shots that they liked, including my sparkler photos – you can see the result of that inspiration in the photos of their beautiful wedding at Longstowe Hall in Cambridge. Tara wanted to create an atmosphere of […]

Pre-Wedding: Queen’s, King’s and St John’s College Cambridge – Gina and Suay-Wei

Wow, I’m on a blogging spree this week! Next up it’s Gina and Suay-Wei who came over from Singapore for Suay-Wei’s graduation ceremony. When Suay-Wei first contacted me he asked for a pre-wedding shoot around the gorgeous old city of Cambridge. Usually it’s the bride-to-be who wants to arrange everything and I must confess I was a touch surprised that Gina never wanted to talk. Instead, between us Suay-Wei and I came up with a plan and hired the ever […]

Wedding: The Old Hall, Stuntney, Ely, Cambridgeshire – Katie and Nathan

I’m just going to start off by saying that Katie and Nathan are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s rare to find a couple who are so friendly and easy-going. And while it’s not necessary, I’m always super grateful to couples who make my job easier by being totally up for wandering around a big estate at night-time in the name of getting photos! So Katie and Nathan found me because I photographed Katie’s brother’s wedding (and […]

Wedding: Magdalene College, Cambridge – Florence & Jason

I’m going to keep this introduction brief, not because there isn’t tonnes to say about Flo and Jason and their fun-packed wedding in Magdalene College, but because there are so many photos in this blog post and I don’t want to make it too much longer! Flo and Jason met at Cambridge University, so when they were planning their wedding they knew they had to hold it in one of the colleges. The question was, which one? They ended up […]

Wedding: Trinity College, Cambridge – Caroline and Elliot

Wow what a wedding. Trinity College has to be one of the prettiest places in the world to shoot. Really nice to be back with Caroline and Elliot this time where it has extra significance as Caroline’s father is actually the master. Anyway, enough from me, I’m going to hand over the blog again, this time it’s Caroline’s turn to talk you through the day! “Elliott and I met at an engagement party of mutual friends – we were together […]