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Destination Wedding: Bangalore, India – Jan & Saags – Part III – Post Wedding Shoot

If you missed Part I or Part II of the wedding I highly recommend them! Well, Jan and Saags may have had their Indian wedding ceremony and reception already, but that didn’t mean we could stop taking photos! We ran out of time on the day of the ceremony, and the weather was so bad that we didn’t manage to get as many portraits as I would have liked. So since we all had a spare day in Bangalore, we […]

Destination Wedding: Bangalore, India – Jan & Saags – Part II

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog post, and are all prepped and ready to see Jan and Saags getting married in today’s! We had an early start – 5am, to be precise – because the entire day was scheduled around the ‘auspicious time’, which was when Jan and Saags would actually be married. The elements tried to put obstacles in our way, with torrential rain and a power cut, but we overcame them all. Jan and Saags decided to go […]

Destination Wedding: Bangalore, India – Jan & Saags – Part I

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or if you know me at all, you’ll know that I love me a destination shoot. Working abroad brings together all the things I enjoy most in life – the chance to travel and experience different cultures, and the job that I love. So I was pretty much jumping for joy when, fairly last minute, Jan and Saags asked me to come out to India to shoot their epic wedding. They’d […]