Lilly and Anthony got married at Temple Church and had their reception at Inner Temple in Central London. Absolutely amazing day, beautiful weather and a really great crowd of people. The staff at Inner Temple were amazing and I couldn't have asked for anything more as a photographer. I'm going to try a new little format here though and hand over to Lily and Anthony themselves!

Tell me about your love story, how did you meet and how did you get to the wedding?: We both studied law at university but had not come across each other until we met at a law-related careers event (so romantic) nearly five-and-a-half years ago. We have been together ever since. Lily says that the proposal was wonderful, romantic, and she couldn't have dreamt up a better one. We took a beautiful sunset beach walk on an island in Florida (Lily's favourite place in the world) and Anthony got down on one knee, produced a beautiful ring and popped the question!

How did you choose your wedding venue (Temple Church)? What made it the one? Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding at the same venue?: We both learnt about the history of the Knights Templar and the Inns of Court during our degrees, so Temple Church has always been a special place for us. Anthony also had his 'Call to the Bar' ceremony in Temple Church. Our advice for couples would be to make use of the beautiful surroundings in your photos. Temple is like no other place in London; it is a hidden, tranquil and beautiful area in the middle of a bustling City. There are so many interesting places to have photos near the Church, including the cloisters, Elm Court and the archway entrance to King's Bench Walk.

What were the easiest and most difficult parts of planning your wedding?: The most difficult part was trying to plan it in such a way as to ensure that all of our guests were happy whilst also trying to remember that it was our special day and all that really mattered was that we were marrying each other. The easiest parts were picking the venues for the ceremony and reception and tasting the food at Inner Temple!

Tell me about your ceremony, what made it special and why did you choose to have it like that? What was your favourite part?: Music is incredibly important to us; we (mainly Anthony) spent a long time deciding on what music to have in the ceremony, and having a 16-person choir was a must. They were absolutely fantastic and filled the Church with such a rich sound. After the ceremony, everyone commented on how good they were. The music made the ceremony even more special and was probably our favourite part.

Looking back on the day together, was there an anecdote or moment that has made you both smile the most?: Lily: For me, walking down the aisle with my Dad was such a special moment and you can see from the photos how happy and excited I was feeling. I couldn't wait to meet Anthony at the other side.
Anthony: Similarly, walking back down the aisle with Lily at the end of the ceremony was probably the highlight for me. We had Zadok the Priest being sung in the background, we were walking past and smiling at all our friends and family, and it felt like everything had gone perfectly.

Was anything/anyone really helpful?: Everyone at Temple Church and Inner Temple were extremely helpful, which was very much appreciated. In particular, Priya Patel, Deputy Head of Catering at Inner Temple, was invaluable in ensuring that everything ran smoothly on the day.

Now on with the photos...

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