Well this was quite the wedding. Yasamin & Ali at the beautiful Stowe House in Buckinghamshire. So much love, so much life, so much happiness. I’m going to hand over the blog to Yasamin now though to share her experiences of the day. Love you guys and can’t wait for your post wedding shoot!

“After Ali’s dreamy proposal last year at the sunset of October 4th, on the rooftop of a small chapel on top of a mountain in Santorini, we decided not to wait too long and get married the next summer in England. However, finding that picturesque venue which could fit our 150 guests was another story.

I always dreamed of getting married in a place like Stowe house, I just didn’t think it existed! The Marble hall with the big dome, the massive portico overlooking the stunning garden which there is no end to it… it’s a hidden gem set amongst the rolling Buckinghamshire countryside. A place full of history and beauty!

Having bigger dreams than ours, my little nephew wanted to move into the house! Feeling so confused about why he hasn’t been living in such an extravagant place all along!!

The venue set the tone for the whole wedding; we wanted everything to be elegant and timeless.
Finally, after 9 months of planning, the day was here! In spite of a VERY British summer this year, August Twelfth turned out to be the loveliest day; sunny and warm with a delightful breeze. Typically, the bridal party were behind schedule for about an hour! And on top of that, we got lost somewhere in Stowe gardens and ended up at the middle of a forest with no way back! Thankfully the car didn’t get stuck in the narrow muddy pathway and we did find our way back eventfully just in time for the ceremony!

All the nerves calmed the moment we reunited at the top of the stairs in south portico, with our hearts filled with joy and our faces full of big smiles and teary eyes. Soon after, I was standing behind the doors of the Marble Hall, nervous, hand in hand with my father, waiting to walk down the aisle after my bridesmaids. It was so special to have the little ones with us as well, my niece was our beautiful flower girl and my nephew, in charge of the rings, couldn’t be happier with his first job.

Finally the doors opened, and while the musician was playing the traditional Iranian song of the wedding, ‘Mobarak Baad’, we joined hands. Just behind us was the stunning garden filled with sunlight (and wasps). We said our vows and got married in two different ceremonies, British and Iranian, celebrating both cultures and countries that we call home.

Surrounded by all of our loved ones, family and friends who travelled from all around the world to be with us that day, the room could not be more filled with love and happy tears, and occasional laughter, at my wide eyes following the wasps around me while thinking I could not move at the middle of the ceremony!!
The day followed by lots of food, drinks and dancing, until we couldn’t move any longer (literally!) and passed out on the dance floor. It was just a great day full of funny events and happy tears, and a big reunion with all of our family and friends who are away from us.

The star of the day? …Alex Beckett without a doubt! The fact that he carries safety pins and what I remember to be a small scissors in his vest pocket, just in case the bride or a bridesmaid needs one, must win him ‘The most thoughtful wedding photographer of the year’ award!! I’m sure the amazing photos speak for themselves and show his great talent, but he was also a big part of our day; trying his best not to let us get stressed about something, helping us to adjust our first dance routine after we realised we can’t do all of it with my train being so long, and staying all through the evening until after 1 am to make sure he captures everything! We truly enjoyed having him at our wedding, so much so that we are planning a post-wedding shoot with him soon in somewhere exotic. So stay tuned!!”

Before I sign off, some of Yasamin and Ali’s friends sent me some messages for the blog. I’ve never had this before but I absolutely love them!

I never truly knew my powers until the day of my little sister’s wedding! From literally dressing my father into his tuxedo in one minute, after I found him walking down the hallway in his pyjamas thinking he still has so much time to get ready! (They were one hour late!), to lift and throw Yasamin in the air with her big dress at the middle of the dance floor with my dislocated shoulder, I saw and did it all!! It was such a beautiful and memorable day.
Sheida, the maid of honour

Twelfth August Two Thousand and Seventeen, a magical day that will always be remembered, the day that my big brother married the love of his life and of course I finally gained a sister! Ali and Yasamin both looked absolutely breathtaking. They truly are the definition of perfection; they are driven, dedicated and kind hearted. Planning the beautiful wedding day is just one example of how much work and effort Yasamin and Ali put into everything they do. Every detail they had set for the wedding day was with love and it could not be more obvious. They were both glowing with love and I felt like every time they looked at each other they were falling more in love with one another. Ali and Yasamin both truly deserve all the happiness in the world and I could not be happier for them.

From the behind the scene excitement to the Magical Ceremony, it was a day which I remember with a smile. Ali trying to write the Perfect speech for his Beautiful Bride, Sadaf trying to get everyone ready & getting to the Bridal Party pre-wedding photoshoot & Aryan making sure he has the perfect messy hair day!!! And then we head over to the Stowe house… A fairy tale wedding was about to begin!! The elegant building with its mesmerizing views was a testament to the elegance this wedding held! The gorgeous couple reciting their vows and declaring their love for each other in front of family and loved ones… it was PERFECTION! I am so happy that I was able to be part of this wonderful day and celebrate the love of this wonderful couple! I wish you a lifetime of Happiness, Health, Love and Laughter!!

I had a dream four years ago that it’s Yasamin’s wedding and I did not know about it!! I called her the next day, not knowing that she just started seeing Ali. And four years later, there we were, at the fairy tail wedding of Yasamin and Ali. I can’t really put into words the beauty of everything. Stunning location, beautiful and lovely bride and groom, gorgeous weather and amazing memories. I will never forget that day and wish you the happiest life together.
P.S I had a dream that they are having a baby just a month ago!!


It was just so amazing to see my little sister, who was dancing and jumping up and down at my wedding when she was five years old, in her wedding dress standing by Ali’s side looking so happy! It was such a dreamy wedding, and it was so great to have such a fun and energetic photographer to capture every moment beautifully.

Amazing wedding, elegant and elaborate! It was a day filled with laughter and happy tears. I will never forget Ali’s boundless happiness and his wide smile on that day!


Your wedding day was such a wonderful day. There are so many special moments, Ali’s fantastic speech and the amazing first dance. But what stood out the most to me was Ali’s smile when Yasamin walked down the aisle. It really was the best part to see the joy all over your faces.

Thank you so much to everyone who made Soven and I part of the family. I loved every moment.

More adventures soon,


  1. Great coverage Alex. Love the shot of the boy sleeping at the table!

  2. Stunning shots.
    Love the way you have arranged the bridal party group shot may pinch this idea if its ok

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