Wow what a wedding. Made two new friends for life. I’m going to hand over the blog to Roanna here but please stop reading after the first paragraph to avoid my blushes.

“Now I do wish it, love it, long for it, and will evermore be true to it.”

These are the words Simon said to me every night in July 2007. They weren’t exactly his words (they belong to Shakespeare) as he was playing Demetrius and I was playing Helena in The Guildford Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Even still, it’s one of the first moments that we began to fall in love. So when it came to getting married, we thought, “Let’s have a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme in the place we met!” But could we convince Simon’s Canadian relatives to fly over? The resounding answer was, “YES!” So from there we set out to create the quintessential English wedding with a touch of Shakespearean magic. With the theme sorted, the next thing on the list was to find a photographer that could help us tell our story.

I had long remembered a beautiful photograph of our good friends, Emily and Nick, from their wedding some eight years ago. I am an actress and model — professional photos come with the territory — so my standard was high and I knew I had to set up a meeting with this wonderful photographer. We now live in Toronto, so a hilarious Skype chat with Alex over a cup of coffee sealed the deal. We didn’t have a venue, we didn’t have a church or the dress, we didn’t even have a definite date, but we had the photographer.

And Alex was more than the photographer. He shared a lot of our most important moments and helped us to slow down and appreciate these moments even more. Music plays a big part in our lives and one of the highlights on the day was hearing the congregation in full voice singing ‘I’m Getting Married In The Morning’ before arriving at the church and, later, the most moving and uplifting cover of ‘Teach Your Children’ sung by my Dad. Alex was with us throughout all these lovely moments, snapping away. In the morning, as we were getting ready, he joked with the girls about pervy photographers and how not to become one! He was there at the front of the church laughing with us as we sang Bryan Adams’ ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You’. We remember him shooting us jumping for joy right after we were married, hearing the bells ring and the three of us all sharing a big hug. He was utterly covered in confetti with us, taking our photos as we walked out of the church. It was so much fun. Later, he was dancing wildly with all of our friends and family, while at the same time, recording everything with his camera. Honestly, we feel that after our wedding, we not only found a great photographer but made a great friend.

Well, wow. How do I follow that? I’m not good with words like Roanna and Simon clearly are, but safe to say this wedding was absolutely unforgettable!
Off to Tanzania next week but lots more adventures soon!

Alex 😀


  1. Gorgeous wedding. Love that group shot!

  2. They are as vibrant, perfect and loving as seen here. Really great work!

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