Part II

Alex, Holly, Lauren and Tim do Iceland. Wow what an experience, I’m so excited to share these photos. Before I do I’m going to hand over the blog to Lauren:

“Iceland?”, they said. “For your honeymoon?…and you are bringing your wedding photographer…on your honeymoon?!”

This statement more or less sums up the general reaction from friends and family, as word got out about our plans. But, not to be dissuaded, despite terrifying tales of the cold, we found ourselves at Gatwick at 3.00am in the morning ready to undertake the most incredible journey to the land of Ice and Fire.

In reaching Iceland, I now move swiftly on to quoting our lovely Viking-sized tour guide who arrived in what can only be described as a monster truck for our two days of photography and frozen fun. “There are three things you cannot predict about Iceland,” he said, “Number 1 is the weather. Number 2 is the Northern Lights and number 3 is the Whales”. Well, boy, weren’t we lucky.

The other thing he said was that he had stopped trusting the Iceland met-office years ago. No surprise then, that we had packed and prepared for a forecast of 12 degrees, only to be confronted with a snow topped glacier in minus something temperature and in nothing but a wedding dress! There were moments, when wearing said wedding dress and hiking boots and being battled by the frigid spray of waterfalls, when I thought for sure my friends and family were right – I was mad! But looking back, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Even if I did spend the first two days of my luxury honeymoon eating nothing but Iceland’s interpretation of fish and chips at gas stations.

Iceland is a fascinating country. Desolate landscapes, wiped out by volcanic eruptions, give way to lush green meadows. Black volcanic sand sits side by side with chalky red lava sand. And in the distance, wherever you look, the swell of the hills and mountains dot the horizon whilst frozen glaciers twinkle invitingly.

It is truly the only place I have been where the landscape can warp and change so rapidly and dramatically. Fields of green metamorphasise into moss covered lava fields which rise from the ground to potmark the terrain. Indeed, parts of the Icelandic landscape are so alien in nature, so you can see why the moon landing is whispered to have been filmed here by the conspiracy theorists.

Alex and his lovely wife Holly were truly excellent throughout the trip. Holly became coat-carrying extraordinaire, leaping across beached icebergs to hold flashes in the battering wind, whilst Alex, a true professional, would seek out any spot for a picture. Indeed, he created somewhat of a spectacle at the Glacier Lagoon as photographer after photographer tried to mimic his shot by lying half submerged in an icy puddle.

Together the four of us battled the elements, from mountain tops to tectonic fissures, glaciers to lava caves, we did it all. And we did it all as the rain drove in, as the sun shone, as the sleet came down and as the wind howled. Our tour guide was right – you certainly cannot predict the weather in Iceland. But as night began to break into day, his second comment about the unpredictable Northern Lights was put to the test too. As 2am chimed and we headed to our last location of the tour, the sky lit up and danced with colour as the Aurora came out in force to wish us happy marriage – in early September, well before Northern Light season.

On the whole Iceland was utterly magical and something that can only be seen to be believed. The Whales even came out later for us to make sure we could say we had had the true and complete iceland experience. But i’m sure you have heard enough from me – on to spectacularly talented Alex for his photos…

Lauren & Tim


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More adventures soon,
Alex 😀


  1. finally a different look of that place, great frames! well done!

  2. Steve & Caroline M-Kemp

    What fabulous photos of a fabulous couple. Congratulations all

  3. Breathtaking Alex!

  4. Absolutely crazy good!

  5. Some absolutely stunning images here and on your blog as a whole. Great work, keep it up and keep inspiring! 🙂

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