The month of May saw me at St Paul’s and the Savile Club for the wedding of Rosy and Alastair, an absolutely lovely couple who were so inclusive and friendly that it made it easy to capture the true moments and atmosphere of the day. It’s amazing what a difference that trust and welcome makes: I was dubbed ‘Bridesmaid Number Six’ – thanks a bunch, guys! – and was just treated as one of the wedding party.

The ceremony was held in the OBE Chapel under St Paul’s, as Rosy’s dad – one of the most natural public speakers I’ve ever heard – had managed to bag himself an honour during the course of his life.  St Paul’s: it sounds like a dream for a photographer – except they are very restrictive about photographs. Damn! You’re only allowed to shoot up until the first hymn and then have to put your equipment away. I had a silent camera with me and I’m not saying anymore. (St Paul’s, please don’t read this.)

Then we took a London bus to the Savile Club, which is a beautiful historic British venue. It was founded in 1868 by a group of like-minded men who were suffocating under the traditions of Victorian club-land and in a spirit of informality it attracted members such as Thomas Hardy and WB Yeats among many other famous names. Rosy and Alastair got married early in the day so we had plenty of time for photographs here, so I really was in dreamland – a wedding without any rush or panic! Was there a fissure in the space-time continuum?

More adventures, soon.

Dress – Amanda Wakeley
Shoes – Emmy London
Jewellery – Gillian Million
Hair and make-up – Gemma Sutton
Groom’s suit – Cad and the Dandy
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Maids to Measure
Cake – Rosalind Miller
Flowers – Philippa Craddock
Band – The Jazz Cannons
DJ – The Wedding Smashers
Second Photographer – Rob Pack

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  1. what an amazing venue for a wedding, you did a great job capturing it.

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