Minal & Paran had dreamed of an outdoor wedding but when the weather ruined that plan, they moved everything inside at the eleventh hour and didn’t let it spoil the fun for one second. Instead, they concentrated on what was really important about their day – celebrating their love for each other and enjoying the company of their family and friends – in a way that was really touching.
It helped that I’d done a pre-wedding with these guys so knew how life-enhancing they are. On the day, we started early – really early – for their Indian-English hybrid celebrations. The morning was a traditional Indian event, with lots of guests and colour; the afternoon saw Minal change into a white gown for a black-tie, candle-lit event. That all sounds very formal, but Minal and Paran ensured that humour and fun governed every aspect of the day and it all ended with a massive party, a heaving dance floor, and an ice-cream van parked outside!

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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