Catherine and Ray flew over from Hong Kong for this pre-wedding and the day before I found myself stranded at St Pancras, with my assistant Frankie, because Eurostar had closed down. I was What’s Apping with Catherine the whole time and eventually, after a seven hour delay, we made it over, pushing the shoot back by half a day.
The first lucky element to this shoot was Catherine and Ray. They are a terrific, fun couple and we had a great time wandering Paris together, from Opera to the Luxembourg Gardens. The weather was being as uncooperative as Eurostar – really changeable – but the second bit of luck was a patch or two of sunshine and I faked the rest!
We headed onto la Louvre and grabbed a spot of dinner there before shooting some epic reflective night shots, courtesy of the many bottles of water we decanted over the Louvre pavements! We agreed to get up super-early the next morning in the hope of capturing sunrise over the Eiffel Tower but were thwarted by the clouds thickening overnight. Anyway, we still we got some great photos. When the rain broke, we called it quits, so the elusive Eiffel-at-sunrise shot remains among my aspirations.

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