Sezincote House has to be one of the most beautiful wedding venues I’ve seen in a while. Nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside in stunning grounds, it really is a sight to behold. I met Katherine there where she and her bridesmaids were starting their wedding preparations. Katherine had a really fun-loving bunch of ‘maids and despite me getting in trouble with Sezincote’s owner for putting my camera down on a chair (oops, apparently it was only meant for sitting on!) and having to pull out my emergency needle and thread for a bridesmaid dress fix we all had a blast.

Fast forward through an emotional ceremony at St Nicholas’ Church and it was back to Sezincote House for a beautiful afternoon garden party bathed in the best of English sunshine. Katherine and Jon had put an awful lot of thought into the day and it really showed when we got to a brilliant first dance in a small separate marquee filled with an impressive lighting rig! We rounded it all out with a sparkler exit and Katherine and Jon leaving through some stunning fireworks!

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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