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Day Two on Mustique brought a rehearsal at Sunrise House, the villa where the bride was staying and also the wedding location. It was good for us to see the logistics, meet the guys from the villa who were starting to prepare the flowers etc. and get to know Adam and Maria’s close family, the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Afterwards, the couple hosted a really informal barbecue beach party for all their guests. It was a blast! Adam was going to prove himself to Maria and her family by prowess in a noble tournament … feeling guests’ legs while blindfolded to identify Maria’s; eating a plate of fruit with his hands behind his back; and limbo-ing. We just aimed to capture the fun and happiness of the afternoon. The tug of war sent everyone flying when the rope split the moment the two teams took up the slack. (Adam claimed his side won simply because the knot ended up on their side of the centre mark, but I’m not sure anyone bought that.) The perfect Caribbean afternoon ended with some rather cool, athletic volleyball.
Because we knew we would not have much time to take ‘couple shots’ the next day, we then prised Adam and Maria away from the party and took off on a golf buggy up the coast to a secluded beach. Nature was very very kind to us. The sunset was golden and limpid and ultra romantic.
And we were so inspired that when we split up we made plans to reform early the next morning to grab some more shots of this awesome pair.

Hit the link for the photos!

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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