I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog post, and are all prepped and ready to see Jan and Saags getting married in today’s!

We had an early start – 5am, to be precise – because the entire day was scheduled around the ‘auspicious time’, which was when Jan and Saags would actually be married. The elements tried to put obstacles in our way, with torrential rain and a power cut, but we overcame them all. Jan and Saags decided to go ahead with their ancient temple ceremony instead of holding it in the hotel, and Jan’s trooper of a make up artist simply got a bridesmaid to hold an iPhone torch up while he carried on turning Jan into an Indian princess. I think you’ll agree from the photos that she looked absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, my second photographer Marianne was with Saags, who was donning his traditional white suit and ceremonial dagger.

Soon it was time for us all to climb into buses, which would take us to one of the most unusual wedding venues I’ve ever been in… an ancient Hindu temple. It was incredibly atmospheric, and even with my bare feet soaking gently in the puddles, it was hard not to feel awed. That was even before the ceremony began. A full, traditional Hindu wedding is elaborate and full of symbolic acts, and the couple’s family takes key roles as well. It was really moving and joyful to watch, although I did have a bit of competition for the best views – see if you can spot the five videographers who arrived for the ceremony!

After the ceremony, we took some formals and portraits before heading back to the Clarks Exotica Hotel to finish things off with a fire ceremony. And while some of the guests went to rest up, the young’uns headed into central Bangalore to carry on celebrating. A great end to a great day.

I’ll leave you to take a look at the photos now – tune in tomorrow for my final blog of Jan and Saags’ wedding!

More adventures with Jan and Saags post wedding shoot tomorrow!
Alex 😀

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  1. Ritika Dhingra

    Hey Alex,

    Beautiful Pictures. 🙂
    Planning to get married at the bhoga nandeeshwara temple this winter, is it possible to get in touch with the couple? Want to talk to them about their experience.

    thanks a bunch!

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