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Steph and James came all the way back from Australia to get married at the gorgeous Corpus Christi College in Cambridge – and kudos to their Australian friends and family who made the trip with them!

Cambridge is a bit of a spiritual home for me already, having lived there for many years, but this wedding held a bit more sentimentality for me because Steph (with exceptionally good taste!) got ready at the Hotel du Vin, which is where I got ready for my own wedding three years ago. The high jinx began in earnest when we moved on to Corpus, though, where James was getting ready – cue a rather odd game of hide and seek to make sure he didn’t catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride to be!

Steph and James got everyone laughing very quickly with little personal touches and fun games – photos of their guests decorated the tables, and they had a great time introducing everyone to the Cambridge tradition of ‘pennying’ drinks. I’m going to play a game of my own with you now – spot the photo where they’re holding Steph’s father down so they can penny his drink!

Thanks so much guys, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Dress – Elizabeth de Varga (Queensland, Australia)
Hair – Hayley Allen
Make-Up – Flash Kate
Bouquets and Buttonholes – Karen Coffey

More adventures soon,

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