I seem to have done a lot of pre-weddings in the last few years, but if I’m honest few have been as fun as Gigi and Ryan’s. This couple met at Imperial College and have lived in London for years, but they’re moving back to Hong Kong, where they’re going to get married next year. We actually held their pre-wedding shoot just a few days before they said goodbye to London and moved over to Hong Kong, so it felt like quite a privileged day: we weren’t just celebrating their engagement – we were celebrating their time in London together.

And boy did the day feel like a celebration! The sun came out and Gigi and Ryan’s friends joined us as we explored their old stomping grounds, from Imperial College to Chelsea Football Club, where they used to have season tickets. Gigi and Ryan were up for pretty much anything, and they really knew how to ‘work it’ for the camera, so all in all my day felt more like having fun with friends instead of working – which is the best kind of photoshoot!

I’ll leave you to look through the photos now. Gigi and Ryan – thanks for letting me photograph the end of an era for you, and here’s to the start of an amazing new one!

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