It’s going to be a short but sweet post today, folks, as wedding season is starting to heat up as much as the weather! Best get on with the rest of the editing…

Well, what can I say about Faye and Oscar? Army girl meets RAF boy, they fall in love… and you know the rest. I have to admit I was really worried about the wedding on the day itself. My assistant Will and I stayed over in Peterborough the night before and we were woken at 4am by the sound of the heaviest hail I’ve ever heard. It didn’t bode well for a marquee wedding!

Clearly someone was looking out for Faye and Oscar, though, because by some miracle the hail cleared, the clouds blew away and a day that was forecast to include torrential rain and flash flooding turned into one of the sunniest of the year!

Right, I said I’d be brief, so without further ado, here’s the photos…

Dress: Farnham Boutique
Caterers: Willoughby Catering
Hair: Alison King
Marquee: East coast/Cambridge Marquees
Band: The Northern Monkeys
Primary Photographer: Alex Beckett
Secondary Photographer: Will Stedman

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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