So Tara and Tom had been keeping an eye on my work for four years (yes, that was a big ego boost – thanks guys!), ever since I shot their friend Alana’s wedding. When they booked me, they already had a list of my shots that they liked, including my sparkler photos – you can see the result of that inspiration in the photos of their beautiful wedding at Longstowe Hall in Cambridge.

Tara wanted to create an atmosphere of enchantment – a forest feel – and with the gorgeous setting of Longstowe that wasn’t hard to make the wedding feel like A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Longstowe is a beautiful Elizabethan country house set smack in the middle of woodland, with lakes and manicured gardens galore. The venue alone was a bit of a gift for a wedding photographer, but Tara and Tom were even more so as a couple. They were willing to go the extra mile to get the photos they wanted – they even let me steal them away in between dinner courses to get some shots by the lake at sunset. That’s dedication! They are also incredibly romantic, which really showed with the decorations (flowers in bird cages – inspired) and with the day overall. As if sending Tara a lovely letter and present in the morning wasn’t enough, Tom put grooms everywhere to shame by picking her up during the dancing.

In fact, the whole wedding party were pretty great. Despite some of the bridesmaids not being massive fans of having their photographs being taken (I can sympathise – that’s why I make sure I’m always behind the camera!), they were all brilliant sports and had a lot of fun getting ready at Hotel Felix in the morning. Then there were two groomsmen (you know who you are guys!) who made it their mission to create laughter wherever they went.

To be honest, this felt like a bit of a blessed wedding. The weather was on its best behaviour, the ceremony was just saturated with emotion and I even managed to persuade Tom Archer back to be my second photographer – great to work with you again mate.

I’ll let you take a peek at the photos now. Tara and Tom – thank you so much for having me along, and I hope had a brilliant time in Monaco!

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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