Wow, I’m on a blogging spree this week! Next up it’s Gina and Suay-Wei who came over from Singapore for Suay-Wei’s graduation ceremony.

When Suay-Wei first contacted me he asked for a pre-wedding shoot around the gorgeous old city of Cambridge. Usually it’s the bride-to-be who wants to arrange everything and I must confess I was a touch surprised that Gina never wanted to talk. Instead, between us Suay-Wei and I came up with a plan and hired the ever talented make-up artist Ashley Gifford of Primp Powder Pout.

On the day, Gina’s silence all became clear. Being the romantic that he is, Suay-Wei had actually only proposed to Gina the previous night! He’d arranged the whole shoot as a great way to remember the occasion in the hope that she’d say yes. Luckily she did and we set about creating some great portraits with the beautiful city of Cambridge as our backdrop.

Despite Suay-Wei being a Cambridge graduate and actually still having a valid student card we weren’t able to get official permission to photograph in any of the colleges. We ket a low profile but the engagement shoot still became a bit of a game of cat-and-mouse with the porters. We managed to visit all the important places with sentimental value for Suay-Wei though,: Queens College (Suay-Wei’s own college), Claire College, Trinity and the beautiful St John’s College. We had a lot of laughs en route and came away with some amazing memories

Suay-Wei and Gina really are an awesome couple and I think I’m nearly as pleased as Suay-Wei that Gina said ‘yes’!

I’ll let you look at the photos now, but before I go: all the best with the future wedding guys!

Claire College Cambridge Wedding Portrait Pre-wedding Couple e-shoot on the Bridge

Wedding Pre-Wedding Photograph Couple at St John's College Cambridge in Black and White, Epic Atristic Hogwarts style portrait

Wedding Photo at St John's College Cambridge Bridge of Sighs at Night from the River Cam

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