Michael and Joanne are a lovely, fun couple who came over from Hong Kong for a pre-wedding adventure around London. They’re due to get married next year, but wanted to get some shots of them as a couple in somewhere beautiful and grand and, well, London fits that bill perfectly. They only came over for a couple of days before flying on to Paris, so I felt really honoured that they wanted to spend most of their time with me!

Although Michael’s been here before (he’s a travel guide, so he knows the city pretty well), this was Joanne’s first time in our capital city. Luckily, the weather greeted her with what must have been our first properly sunny day of 2014 so we were able to get some great sunlit shots that perfectly matched this sunny couple.

Determined to make the most of the weather and our time together, we started early. I have to give massive kudos to Michael and Joanne here, as they’d only flown in the previous day and must have been shattered, but they still faced the day with so much energy and happiness that it was a total joy to photograph them. We ended up walking everywhere, which was no small distance…

We started out in Holborn, where Joanne and Michael were staying, for a few casual shots against grand Georgian townhouses and inside the British Library. We then worked our way down to Covent Garden for some much needed refreshments and a bit of R&R. Then we crossed the river for a wander along Southbank, where they got changed into their wedding finery. As the sun set we managed to capture them against some of London’s iconic buildings, as well as snapping some more fun images. I may have later regretted getting on the vintage merry-go-round – it turns out those things are really difficult to balance on when you’re trying to take photos!

We rounded off the day with some dim sum at Ping Pong, which I fear was not at all what Joanne and Michael were expecting – sorry about that guys! Before I let you all look at the photos, I’d just like to thank Joanne and Michael for letting me share such a fun day with you. I hope you had a wonderful time in London and have an equally great time in Paris!

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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