When B & R, who are based in China, asked me to pick somewhere in Europe that would be perfect for a pre-wedding shoot, I immediately thought of Lake Como in Italy. It’s the perfect mixture of old glamour, incredible scenery and, usually, hot weather! B & R agreed and we got everything booked in. There’s an old theatre saying that if the dress rehearsal goes badly, the actual performance will be brilliant. This rings true of our trip, which had to be postponed by a week since the hurricane meant that B & R’s flight from Hong Kong was cancelled.

Luckily they were able to make it out to Italy a few days later. While the weather wasn’t exactly warm, we had a good blanket to help us through the chill! The result has got to be one of my most memorable shoots. B & R wanted old style romance and glamour, so Holly set to work storyboarding and researching locations. We wanted to tell a simple love story, reminiscent of classic Audrey Hepburn rom coms like Roman Holiday – romantic, glitzy, sweet and fun.

With that in mind, we set about lining up some great ‘props’ to help us set the scene. I say props… can you describe a vintage Bentley, a classic speedboat and a location that (literally) comes straight from the Bond movies as mere props? Then there were the dresses: R likes to spoil B and although she’d bought a few dresses from China, they stopped in Milan on their way to Lake Como and ended up buying several more! Holly and our make up/hair designer Flo both coveted the black flowered dress something rotten!

Our base was Tremezzo, home to the gorgeous Grand Hotel where we stayed, as well as some of the most beautiful public gardens I’ve ever seen. From there we travelled up into the mountains, to pretty little Argegno and across the Lake to Bellagio, possibly the most well known town on the lake (and inspiration for the Las Vegas fountains). We also managed to secure a few hours’ exclusive use of Villa del Balbianello, which you might recognise from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Casino Royale’. It was actually really difficult to figure out the best shots, as I could pretty much point my camera up a narrow cobbled alleyway or towards the water and find a picturesque view. With B & R being such a photogenic couple I really was spoilt for choice!

Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now. Thank you to B and R for having us along, and to our make up and hair guru Flo Carter, who I think you’ll agree did a stunning job.

Hit the link to see them all!

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