So after the fun and games of the wedding day, it was time to take Rebecca and Andy out to grab some shots of them enjoying life as newly-weds. Rebecca works as a theatre director and has a real fascination with abandoned places and derelict scenes, a theme that crops up frequently in her work, and so for this shoot she had suggested the eerily beautiful village of Kalami, a place she had discovered as a child and longed to go back to.
So with the scent of adventure in the air we set off to explore the empty buildings…

Kalami fell into a derelict state after plans for the development of a nearby dam saw the government earmark it for mandatory purchase, with a view to flooding it and creating a new reservoir. Many people moved away, and even after the government decided not to purchase the land, the property became impossible to sell and over the years, as people left or died, the village gradually became deserted. To this day only a handful of elderly people live there.

What makes it intriguing as a location is the Marie Celeste quality of the desertion – some houses are still full of possessions, clothes in closets, food in fridges, as if the inhabitants had simply disappeared during a zombie apocalypse! In one house we found 10 year-old eggs in the fridge, in another old wedding photos and love letters. In contrast to this emptiness, the church in the centre of the village is immaculately kept and whitewashed, standing proud amidst the dereliction.

So in another words this was as unusual a post-wedding shoot as you can imagine, a lot of fun and adventure to be captured in the photographs in a place that was special to Rebecca in particular. After Kalami we headed out to the beach and the village we were staying in in order to capture some more traditionally romantic images and enjoy ourselves on the beach. After the madness of the wedding it was lovely to catch up with Rebecca and Andy as they dipped their toes in the water, both of the ocean and married life!

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