I have to confess it’s been strange editing this pre-wedding shoot. As I look outside at our current heatwave it’s odd to be remembering the two days that I spent with Salina and Mark which were decidedly more rainy!

You may remember Mark from Steph and Nick’s super crazy fun wedding in Hong Kong last year as Mark was one of Nick’s groomsmen. Well, Mark is going to be tying the knot next year (in Hong Kong too) and I was delighted to be asked to head up an epic two-day pre-wedding shoot in the UK!

Mark and Salina’s love story began when they both met at the University of Bath. As foreign students, in their first week they started a friendship which built into a relationship – and now to marriage! Isn’t it wonderful how one small decision like deciding to study abroad can change your entire life!

So with so much of their relationship tied up in the UK, Salina and Mark decided to re-live some of their time here in the form of a pre-wedding shoot. After university Salina ended up working in Canary Wharf so we started our shoot where Selina and Mark ended their UK adventure: London. This was the serious part of the pre-wedding shoot. Salina had brought a glamorous wedding dress with her, Mark donned his tux, and together with hair and makeup we set about using London’s austere backgrounds for a series of epic portraits.

Day two of the shoot was a lot more fun and light hearted. We all headed to Bath where, of course, the couple’s love story began. Apparently a lot has changed since Salina and Mark were last walking the campus and we had a lot of fun exploring together. After that we headed for the famous Royal Crescent, a stone’s throw away from where Salina lived while in Bath.

Well, that’s enough pre-amble – let the photos commence! But before I let you see them, I have to give a massive shout out to fellow togs Caroline Alexander and Tom Archer for helping me out on the shoot, together with JoJo Law hair and make-up.

Bride and Groom wedding portraits at St Paul's Cathedral London

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Wedding portraits bride and Groom at St Paul's Cathedral London

Epic Wedding portrait St Paul's Cathedral London

Royal Crescent Bath Wedding Engagement shoot prewedding wedding e-shoot bride and groom portrait

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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