After our pre-wedding shoot at Tai O, Caroline and I had a day off before the big one, the morning of Victoria and Adam’s wedding. We woke early and headed to Victoria’s house, where the games began. For anyone who doesn’t know, Chinese weddings traditionally start with the groom not being allowed into the bride’s house. The prospective husband must play various games in order to gain entrance and although Adam was getting ready at the same address, once his preparations were completed he was dutifully banished from the house along with his groomsmen. After a few trips around the block, he attempted his return and after much bartering, game playing and forfeits (which included eating whipped cream and lots of wasabi ice cubes) he was finally allowed to see his bride, Victoria, who looked absolutely stunning in her traditional, red, Chinese wedding dress – dress one of six!

Then it was time for the traditional tea ceremonies, which were new to Adam and his family, before grabbing some group photographs, a dress change for Victoria and heading to lunch. Lunch was an intimate affair at a local dim sum restaurant with just a few tables of close family members. A few more photographs in the shopping centre before we headed on to the main reception at a nearby ballroom, where Adam was once again banished from his bride’s side to go and greet the guests, whilst she changed into her proper wedding dress with different hair and make-up to match.

After quite an informal ceremony, full of love and the religious values that are so important to Victoria and Adam, both of whom are faithful Christians, we moved on to an 11-course dinner – once again filled with fun and games! Between courses were a series of challenges for the bride and groom, including Adam having to identify a be-wigged and disguised Victoria hiding amongst the crowd of guests, and a blindfolded Victoria having to correctly identify Adam’s ear! Many more dress changes ensued before we finally wrapped at midnight with some comedy shots, including one of Victoria ‘POW-ing’ Adam across the room, Power-ranger-style, in front of a cool backdrop I noticed just outside the ballroom.

Anyhoo, on with the photos!

Second Photographer: Caroline Alexander

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