Well the blog posts have been a touch few and far between of late. That can mean only two things; 1. I’ve been busy, 2. I have an awful lot to blog!

So let’s start with Hong Kong. At the end of May/beginning of June, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Victoria and Adam’s wedding in Hong Kong. Big thanks go out to Caroline Alexander of Caroline Alexander Photography who agreed to come out and help me!

It came after three back-to-back weddings. Straight after the third wedding I went home, snatched some sleep, and then jumped on a plane to Hong Kong. As we flew through the night, I finally got a chance to catch up on a little bit of editing and pull my thoughts together before landing.

After the rain and damp of Nicola and Bill’s wedding, the 40-degree heat of the equator was quite overwhelming! Particularly as, like true Brits, Caroline and I took the freezing cold, air-conditioned temperature of our hotel rooms as an indication of the weather outside and layered up with jeans and jumpers before stepping through the doors and baking instantaneously! Cue a rush straight back inside for shorts and t-shirts!

As is usually the case with me, the trip was pretty darned busy: our four days there were filled with pre-wedding shoots, meeting clients, meeting wedding planners and the wedding itself! Luckily Caroline and I were able to fit in a few hours of sight-seeing. Hong Kong is such a gift for a photographer and I’m really pleased we were able to fit in a few trips to the water front, up the famous escalators, the Peak (at sunset no less!) and a little excursion to see a very big Buddha.

On with the photos:

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More adventures very soon!
Alex 😀

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