Ever since I was a kid I have always slept with the curtains open. As a child it used to be so that I could watch all the planes fly past my house and imagine where they were going. Although I no longer live in sight of a flight path, I still sleep with the curtains open and on the morning of Adela and Nuwan’s wedding I was woken up by the warm, warm glow of sunshine. After such a deep, dark winter it was great to finally feel some warmth and I knew, from that moment, that it was going to be an awesome day filled with love and happiness.

I first met Nuwan about eight years ago in the Cambridge University Officers Training Corps (CUOTC). It was a fun time, it was an interesting time, and we both went through an awful lot of highs and lows together. So it was particularly special to be at the wedding of such a friend. The wedding itself was also pretty special because it was such an international affair. Adela’s parents are actually missionaries now living in San Francisco, but Adela was brought up mainly in the Congo. Nuwan, on the other hand, has Sri Lankan parents, whose house I was actually lucky enough to visit after Laura and Ken’s wedding back in January. (But that’s another story – involving a dark night, some seriously good food, and a dog!) Needless to say though the hospitality and friendship I received there provided a hint of the warmth and welcome that I would feel being present at their wedding.

Adela and Nuwan actually met through mutual church friends and, after bumping into each other a few times at social events, cemented their relationship with Adela volunteering to join Nuwan for an early morning run. Not your usual first date but hey!

The day started at the Country Ways Holiday Cottages where they were, rather unusually, both getting ready in cottages with an adjoining wall. With the sun shining the countryside all around us was looking damned gorgeous, and it was great to be greeted by Adela’s parents and almost immediately be on first name terms with everyone.

Adela spent plenty of time enjoying the preparations and a few glasses of champagne, while her bridesmaids pondered over what to write as a special message to the Bride, with each of them leaving her a few words on the bottom of her shoes. Over in the other cottage, the men were also enjoying the preparations, despite having to dress twice – the second time after they realised that they had all forgotten to shave! And there was just time for a few quick photos in the sunshine before they headed on to the church.

Finally Adela came to put on her beautiful, and heavily anticipated, Vera Wang wedding dress, (which had had to be carefully carried through customs by a distant relative after the dress had shipped to her parent’s house in San Francisco!) and we made our way, in convoy, to church.

Both the church and the town hall for their reception had been lovingly decked out with flowers by Adela’s bridesmaids and the ceremony was long and lovely, filled with readings and kind words and with people popping up everywhere to contribute to the occasion. It was wonderful to see how much Adela and Nuwan, who had actually met through the church, enjoyed this part of their wedding.

After the ceremony it was time to grab a few group shots, with a last minute decision to scale the church bell tower to gain the prefect photograph resulting in some pretty precarious moments as I tried to juggle camera, phone and equipment – simultaneously checking out the state of the roof for the vicar who hadn’t dared clamber up there in years! There’s no end to the things I’ll do to get that perfect shot…

After a few more shots on a bridge, we arrived at the town hall, which along with the flowers, had been decked out in bunting made from maps of the world – continuing the international/travel theme. The evening ended with some fantastic speeches and an amazingly well choreographed first dance – Nuwan impressing us all with moves we never knew he had!

To continue the international flavour, Adela and Nuwan shall only be returning to the country for one day after their honeymoon in the Seychelles, as they shall be moving to Jordan to start a new life together – we wish them well!

…And here are the photographs – as always – let me know what you think!

Preparation Venue: Country Ways Holiday Cottages Ceremony Venue: St Michael’s Parish Church Reception Venue: Assembly Rooms, Town Hall, South Molton Dress: Vera Wang

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More adventures soon,


  1. Gwen Schmidt

    An absolutely delightful and beautiful couple radiating love shared from the very start with dreams and hopes yet to be realized in the many, many years to come.

    Brenda, wonderful work in presenting such lovely insight and pictures to this precious couple’s meeting and wedding. Enjoyed every bit of it!

    Many, Many Thanks!


  2. Gorgeous!!! So much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sue Wooten

    What a brilliantly wonderful and beautiful wedding! Thank you SO much for sharing these precious pictures with us. I pray that Adela and Nuwan will enjoy married life and magnify the Lord in greater ways together than they ever could as single people.

    By God’s grace & for His glory,

    Sue Wooten


    Beautiful photo’s of a beautiful meaningful wedding. Look forward to see the album


    Beautiful photo’s of a beautiful meaningful wedding. Waiting to see the Album

  6. Just fantastic! Felt I was there though I couldn’t make it for Nuwan’s and Adela’s great day. All the photos are very professional but so natural and touching. My favourite is the classic one by the stone bridge! A symbol of overflowing love like the gushing waters and steadfast and strong as the solid stone bridge!
    Nuwan’s Aunt, Savitri Dias

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