I first met Laura about 4 years ago while on a Joe McNally workshop out at GPP in Dubai. She’s an awesome Dubai based photographer who at the time was just starting out. A lot’s happened since then, I’ve moved 3 times, gone full time and now we’ve both got married. Although I hadn’t seen her ages, when Laura asked if I was willing to hop on a plane and be her wedding photographer in Sri Lanka I jumped at the chance. Hanging out with old friends, being on a beach in the sun (there was 3″ of snow on the ground when I flew) and taking pretty pictures. Work doesn’t get much better than that!

I have to admit this is the first wedding where I started and ended the day in the pool. Laura even jumped in with her dress on. So much fun and we all needed to cool down after the mad rush in the midday sun.

Hit the link for more photos. Probably one of my favorite weddings ever inside!

Yes that’s actually muggins below. Sam my second photographer surreptitiously got me!



  1. Wow this looks like a stunning wedding!! wish all couples could be this must fun!!

  2. Looks like a blast of a wedding!

  3. These photos are amazing! the wedding looks ram packed with energy, and you’ve captured ALL of it – inspirational work!!

  4. AMAZEBALLS!! Thats all I can say!!! amazingly different and wicked work!!! Love your work Alex!!

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