I’ve been incredibly lucky with the amazing array of weddings I’ve photographed this year so far, from beaches, to stately homes, to dear friends, to heading overseas. So I was sort of stumped when Brides Magazine invited me to submit one of my weddings for publication. In the end I had to send them Steph and Nick’s – it was the first time I’ve been to Hong Kong after all, and the first time I’ve seen a bride wear seven different, equally stunning wedding dresses in one day! If you’ve bought the November/December edition of the magazine, head to the ‘How She Did It’ section. You’ll not only find my photos, but you’ll also be able to see how Steph and Nick achieved their beautiful, fresh green and white colour scheme. If you haven’t yet bought a copy, here’s a pdf of the page (but I do recommend buying the magazine to see all of the other colour schemes they feature for some great inspiration!).

More adventures soon,
Alex 😀

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