It was in that part of July when it was still sunny and hot (otherwise known as – the shortest British summer ever) when I headed over to Cambridge for an engagement shoot with the lovely Wai Kei and Clarie. Wai Kei and Clarie are actually getting married in Japan next year, but they had come over from their home in Hong Kong to visit Wai Kei’s alma mater, and decided to have an engagement session at the same time.

Cambridge is a beautiful city even in the rain, but in full on sun it’s simply stunning. Wai Kei studied at Trinity, so we were lucky enough to get permission to take some shots in the colleges, which are usually off limits for non-students. We had a blast exploring not just Trinity, but also St Cats and some of Cambridge’s unique locations, like King’s Parade, the river (complete with punts!) and the Eagle pub (naturally).

In the best tradition of Asian weddings, Clarie had already bought ONE of her wedding dresses (yes, she will probably wear quite a few on the Big Day!). She paired it with some yellow wedges, which just goes to show how fun and quirky this couple are. We ended up staying out way longer than we had planned – how can you not when you’re taking photos of a beautiful couple in a beautiful city? I’m really glad we did, because our last shot is one I’m really proud of: Clarie changed into a darker evening dress and we managed to get a dramatic shot outside the Senate House.

I wish Wai Kei and Clarie the most amazing wedding next year – it was an honour to get some photos of this fun, super-photogenic couple.

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More adventures soon,
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