I think this post might contain the most photos I’ve ever blogged at once and, well, there’s a good reason. Amy and Neil’s wedding was simply stunning. Their locations were picked for the beautiful views and countryside that you only seem to find in Cornwall. As I travelled down there the day before, though, my heart sank: you couldn’t see most of the scenery! As most of you will have noticed, it hasn’t been the driest of summers so far, and unfortunately the day before Amy and Neil’s wedding was no exception. Only the hard core surfers were daring the waves next to the ceremony venue Schooner Bistro. The marquee where the reception was held (I was given a latitude and longitude to find it – postcodes are for sissies!) was surrounded by mist so thick you couldn’t see more than a few feet in ahead. We just had to cross our fingers and pray that the mist would clear by the morning.

Well, the next day dawned and while the sky was overcast at least the fog was gone. But you know what? It didn’t really matter: I joined Amy as she got ready and the excitement in the air was infectious. Amy and Neil had put so much thought into their wedding and it showed from the start: one of the first things I shot was Amy’s stunning collection of shoes (okay, my wife Holly thinks they’re stunning – to me they mostly just look pink), including a pair of Christian Louboutin around which the entire wedding had been designed. I think the highlights of shocking pink look incredible next to Amy’s beautiful Annie Wallwork dress.

The morning had been so eventful and busy that we had almost forgotten to worry about the weather. It turns out we didn’t need to: someone must have had a word with ‘im up there, because by the time Amy left the house the sun was out, bright and warm. It shone over an intimate ceremony at Schooners, and stuck around for group photos and ice cream on the beach. It was the epitome of the perfect summer wedding.

Back at the marquee the extent of Amy and Neil’s work became clear. I don’t have enough space to talk about all of the details, but with my sweet tooth I have to mention the lavish display of cakes, all baked by the guests as part of a cake competition (and my word was the competition tough!). There was also more lighting equipment than I’ve seen in my entire photographic career – it turns out that Neil is a lighting designer for some of the best bands in the world, and he called in favours from his colleagues and peers to help him put together a truly extravagant lighting set up. It was great fun to see one of the guests amble over to the lighting deck every so often to see what new mood lighting they could create.

I’ve missed out to many details that deserve a mention, but I would be writing for pages and I hope that the photos might just capture how much love and effort went in to making Amy and Neil’s wedding day so special:

Lots more after the jump…

Well that just about sums it all up. An absolutely fantastic wedding and a real blast to photograph. Before I sign off here’s some of those all so important suppliers:

Dress – Annie Wallwork
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Miri Birch
Flowers – Angie Basson of Mirage Flowers
Caterers – Beetham Food
Bar Hire – Clink Clink
Marquee – Hatch Marquees
Lighting – Enhance Production
Ceremony – Schooners

More adventures soon,


  1. Mummy & Daddy Ditchfield

    Alex you are a GENIUS !!! you’ve CAPTURED the most amazing day of our lives ! made us cry xxx what amazing pics !We want to do it again !!!! love you x Thankyou sooooo much ! We want to see them all x Still blubbing !!! WOW………. Julie & Shaun xx

  2. Auntie Ange Basson

    What Wonderful moments of the day, you captured the scene perfectly!! It really was a wonderful wedding, Amy and Neil and Mums & Dads done them proud! your pictures tell the story of the day to perfection!! Thank you for sharing.. Ange Basson

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