If there’s one cardinal rule of wedding photography it’s got to be “don’t get the bride wet”. At most weddings the bride is up at the crack of dawn and spends literally hours perfecting hair, makeup and everything else to make herself look stunning on the wedding day. Jennie was no exception: she got up early, had a great morning laughing and giggling getting ready with the bridesmaids, she made sure her wedding photographer got covered in glitter and above all else looked really fab for the wedding. I knew the rule, I’ve always stuck by the rule, except this time I failed.

We went out for a nice wander just as the weather had cleared from earlier rain and found some awesome locations around Cambridge. Just as we stopped by the side entrance to Kings College I felt a raindrop hit my cheek. I thought nothing of it, we were getting some really great pictures… but then it happened, the heavens opened. I have to say I must be the luckiest wedding photographer in the world: I got soaked, my gear got drenched, both Jennie and James looked like they’d been for a swim in the river, the only comment I got though was “ah I really needed to cool down”. Wow, thanks guys you are some seriously cool customers!

So there we go, I came clean. I have to say despite the rain ‘incident’ I had a real blast and I think everybody else did as well. Had one of the funnest CrazyBooth’s to date with lots of people rocking it out. Don’t think I can say any more than thanks guys, from the moment we shot your engagement shoot earlier in the year I knew it was going to be fun and, well, it lived up to expectations. So much so that instead of my normal photo blog post I thought I’d start with a video slideshow. Enjoy!

More adventures soon (hopefully without the rain)

Alex 😀


  1. Zoe Childerley

    What wonderful pictures they are very good quality, Jen and James are very lucky to have such lovely pictures to reflect their special day 🙂

    The video is excellent too well done 🙂

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