So here’s a conundrum, what do you put in a wedding photoblog post when the couple asks that you refrain from adding any identifiable photos of them? Well I guess we’re about to find out! Saturday was an absolutely perfect day for a wedding. The sun shone down on Nick and Li as they got married in the Cambridge Registry office, then moved on by punt to King’s College for a fab reception. For those of you not from Cambridge, King’s is an absolutely beautiful college. So much history and so many different photo locations. I was falling over myself with great places for shots! So, if you’re getting married at King’s and wouldn’t mind me putting identifiable photos up then please hit me up in the comments or use the contact page to get in touch. I’d really love to shoot another King’s wedding.


Hit the jump to see more photos.

AlexBeckett_4947._DSC0681_LiNick AlexBeckett_4948._DSC0713_LiNick AlexBeckett_4949._DSC0801_LiNick


Punts were laid on by Scudamores. After quick trip down the Cam we arrived at King’s College…


AlexBeckett_4929._DSC0941_LiNick AlexBeckett_4930._DSC0986_LiNick

Where drinks, strawberries and canopies relieved mouths on such a hot summer’s day. Who could ask for anything more?


AlexBeckett_4938._DSC1126_LiNick AlexBeckett_4934._DSC1080_LiNick


I have to say, I think King’s draws neck and neck with Trinity for the prize of the best place to hold a wedding banquet. The hall was exquisite and the staff had done a wonderful job laying it out for dinner.

AlexBeckett_4916._DSC1181_LiNick AlexBeckett_4918._DSC1192_LiNick

AlexBeckett_4919._DSC1195_LiNick AlexBeckett_4922._DSC1388_LiNick

And finally, on the way home I stopped via the chapel to get this rather eerie shot. I have to confess it was a great chance to test my shiny new Elinchrom Quadra flash. As you can see it’s ‘quite’ powerful and managed to light the chapel.


More later.

Alex 😀


  1. What a shame you couldn’t put all the pics up! I’d love to have seen more.
    B XXX

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