Edit: Kate and Paul’s wedding website now online! Check it out here.

So, sheep, sheep and more sheep. That’s how I always envision Wales. This time however the only sheep were fakes ones in the grounds of Llyndir Hall for Kate and Paul’s wedding. I’m not going to say anything about whether it’s the most tasteful thing to have in your lovely lawns or whether it’s a good thing to prolong the Welsh stereotype but hey, they were kinda cool.

Anyway, I’d driven up to Llyndir near Wrecsam that morning with the ever gorgeous Holly in order to photograph the (also) ever gorgeous Kate marrying Mr Paul Sinclair. We spent the entire day there following Kate in her journey into married life, starting with her prep in the morning all the way through to the dancing at night. I had a really awesome time, thanks for having me along guys!

Kate Paul Llyndir Hall

Click on the image or the link below for the rest of the photos….

The day started with Kate getting ready. She was to wear a really gorgeous Amanda Wyatt dress which her bridesmaids carefully unwrapped. After zipping her into it they finally allowed her Dad in to see just how beautiful she looked.

alexbeckett_katepaul_1827_dsc3246 Kate Amanda Wyatt Dress

alexbeckett_katepaul_1833_dsc3251 alexbeckett_katepaul_1834_dsc3266

We were really lucky with the ceremony, it was held outside in what started out as sun. Unfortunately just as the rings exchange started the heavens began to open. With a bit of speed though Kate and Paul managed to get it all done, jump under the cover of a gazebo then walk off into the sun…

alexbeckett_katepaul_1839_dsc3452 alexbeckett_katepaul_1840_dsc3477



Onto dinner and the speechs. I know this blog post is getting a bit long but I really had to put this photo in. It’s Paul’s toast to absent friends. I think it’s one of the most powerful images I’ve shot at a wedding.


I don’t think I have to say much about the best mans speach. I think the look on Kate’s face sums it all up…

alexbeckett_katepaul_1841_dsc3924 alexbeckett_katepaul_1842_dsc3928 alexbeckett_katepaul_1843_dsc3933

Finally I’ll leave you with one last shot from the first dance that I personally LOVE!


Truly fab couple. I hope you guys are having a blast on honeymoon. Hope to see you both again soon!

Alex 😀


  1. Maria Moriarty

    Really gorgeous photos capturing brilliantly what was a truly fantastic day!

  2. Emma Bingham

    Never seen photos like these, they are brilliant, so different and really shows what a great day it was

  3. Jan Sinclair

    These photographs are truly wonderful – you have captured the day in all its glory. Thank you so much for keeping these moments forever.

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