So, Holly and I were scheduled for an engagement session this weekend with a wonderful couple getting married in June. Unfortunately however flu stuck and we’ve had to reschedule. So what do you do on a free Saturday in Cambridge? Well Holly and I decided to round up some of our friends for a little film/photo collaboration, Holly shooting the film and myself the stills.


jump-2 jump-1

back knit-4


Thanks to Gill, Caroline, Carl and Ben for helping out!

Videos hopefully to follow.

Alex 😀

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  1. I had a lot of fun. but where is the cold? You’re forgetting how stupidly cold it was!!

    But anyway, good photos. I wasn’t sure what to think about feet-2. I didn’t really like it that much at first so scrolled past it but looking at it again I quite like it. It doesn’t jump out but it’s pleasant – the frame is a bit wonky, it doesn’t follow the rule of thirds and Carl’s hand is half cut off(ish). But it just feels like this is all adding to it. I really like the lighting in it also.

    I like Jump-2 even if the flash has highlighted my face but it’s beautifully frozen. What kind of settings were you using as it must of been atleast something like 1/100 f8 as Kings College is also well focused (as far as my computer can make out).

    jump-1 is fun. I feel you should have got Caroline kneeling to make it look further but then she’d have been out of shot almost. Also like the number of colours in it and how the wall to the left looks like it’s made of cardboard.

    How much post photo editing did you do for these photos? I couldn’t really see any except possibly knit-4 where Gil’s ball of wool is lit but the photo turns dark very quickly around it. Who designed your logo? I like it!

    You’re really good at the lighting. Would saying you know what you’re doing be going to far? probably! 😉 But yeah. Was Carl’s face meant to be 7/8th towards Gil? It feels like it should’ve been all the way or had his second eye in shadow. Btu I don’t know how this’d’ve looked.

    But yeah, Really like the photos you chose to put up. So much so are we allowed to cheekily nick the odd one or two as long as we give credit to you?!?

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