I was recently lucky enough to take a trip to Uganda. It really is a magical country finally trying to rid itself of it’s troubled past. I was amazed at just how friendly the people were and accommodating to us as we tried to find our way through the public transport systems and at times looked hideously lost.

Anyway here’s a quick video I’ve put together from the trip, video courtesy of my wonderful assistant Holly Race, pictures by Myself.


Alex 😀


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time, it must have been really humbling to be there too.

  2. Absolutely amazing! I cannot begin to say how jealous I am after seeing that. Actually I can: I’m Extremely Jealous!!! The photos caught the moment and the videos told the story. I loved how you had the film of a event and then followed it up with a photo of the same thing. Looking forward to seeing the not so quick video too.

  3. Amazing video! And the music is also very nice.

  4. Great work. What a life changing experience. Uganda is on my list of African countries to visit.

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