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My Wedding: A plea for help and a quest for a new dress.

Nov 27

UPDATE: Hurrah and Huzzah it looks like we might have a solution! I’m afraid I can’t say much more than that at the moment and it’s going to take a couple of weeks to make sure it all works out but things are looking up! Thank you so much to everybody who helped out and

Introducing Fleur

Oct 24

So meet Fleur. For those of you who don’t know, Fleur is Holly’s horse. Unfortunately recently she’s been a bit lame after lots of mites attacked her hooves. As such Holly and I have had to go down pretty much every day to try and get rid of them (yes that explains one of the reasons I’ve been even busier than normal!). Anyway, they’re nearly all gone so we managed to take her for the first ride in a few months.

It’s a really good job too, Holly and I are planning to ride across Mongolia next year and, well, I’ve only been riding for a couple of months and so have a LOT of practice to get in!

Let me introduce Fleur…


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Travel: A quick Holiday

Sep 18

So life has been a touch hectic of late. More weddings than I can shake a stick at and then everything else in between. As such Holly and I decided to take a quick break and visit her Grandfather in Gibraltar (Holly’s also been working like crazy on the fourth plinth project in Trafalgar Square…). We also decided to take a quick bus trip to Seville (well OK we thought it was going to be quick, turns out it’s 5hrs and as such I rescind my earlier statement). Anyway, since I’d been doing so much photography recently I decided to limit my picture taking and try to relax. I’ve been meaning to get some new photos of Holly though so this promised to be the perfect opportunity…


Yes I took my D3 into the pool. Shot with the D3, and a 24-70mm lens. Light is from an Elinchrom Quadra back left providing the ‘sunlight’ and an overcast day providing the fill. Oh and yes, the water was *a touch chilly* ;)

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Holly: Smoke, Easter and a bit of Cross Processing

Apr 13

So what do you do on bank holiday Easter weekend in Cambridge? Easy, you go for a walk around Wandlebury Country Park with the gorgeous Holly and along the way try out a few techniques you’ve been dying to try for ages.

This is Holly taking a quick nap on a tree branch (yes I really am that boring…). The haze you see in the background is from a can of smoke. I’ve been meaning to try photos with smoke for a while but egged on by Drew Gardener this was the first chance I’ve had. Unfortunately the can of spray smoke is less than ideal: it’s thin and dissipates quickly. Unfortunately my smoke machine is mains powered and so wouldn’t work in an environment like this. Next plan is to get some smoke pellets and give that a go. Anyway the thin haze did create a small haze which I think actually worked fairly well.


For you strobists out there, the smoke was obviously behind Holly, I then used an SB900 to throw some light through it and emphasize the effect. With hind sight, I wish I had asked Holly to wear something different, but hey we were just out for a walk!

In the next photos I thought I’d try out some cross processing. I’ve been trying to get a collection of Aperture presets recently to give my photos different looks. The other day I figured out the Cross Processed look. Cross Processing dates back to the film days where a photographer would deliberately process a photograph in a solution intended for a different type of film. Read more about the process here.

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