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Wedding: Tylney Hall Hotel – Caroline and Steve

Oct 3

It’s always a little intimidating to shoot a fellow photographer’s wedding, but it’s also a real honour. I was delighted when Steve – who used to be an aviation and wedding photographer – asked me to photograph his wedding, especially when he told me his and Caroline’s plans.

Caroline and Steve chose their wedding day very carefully – they got married exactly twelve years after they had their first date (which apparently came about because of a bet – clearly not all gambling leads to evil!). They arranged a small, intimate wedding, but that didn’t stop some thing going wrong (doesn’t something always at a wedding?!). On the morning of the wedding, the cake company called to let them know that their cake had just come out of the oven and was going to look lovely in a few days time. Cue a panicked couple informing the cake company that they needed the cake today and a panicked cake company pulling off some speedy and impressive icing to get the cake ready in time. Well, it was definitely fresh!

Caroline and Steve’s wedding was personal from the start. They married at Steve’s local church, where the vicar was a family friend. The result was an intimate ceremony that felt really special – like everyone was privileged to witness the wedding.

The reception was held at Tilnee Hall, where the casual, fun atmosphere was only increased by the smells of the dinner – a proper BBQ! – being cooked. Dinner itself was served in a candlelit room. Because there were so few guests they were all served at one long table, like the single big family they had just become.

Caroline and Steve had a late ceremony, which actually worked out really well for taking photos – we caught the golden hour as the sun set, which always leads to some (I think) wonderful shots.

I won’t say too much about the rest of the night, mostly because it consisted of one of the craziest photobooths I’ve ever shot. Steve’s sister had organised some props for the booth and after a few drinks they were put to use in some pretty R-rated photos that rest assured will not be on this blog!

Here are some of the photos I can display in public!

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Wedding: Down Hall Country House and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses – Jon and Elaine

Aug 4

Wow, what can I say? Two firsts in one day: my first Greek wedding and my first Jehovah’s Witness wedding. Second time at <a href="http://www.alexbeckett.co.uk/2009/12/28/wedding-down-hall-country-house-alana-and-david/"Down Hall though after Alana and David's wedding at Christmas (actually that’s how Jon and Elaine found me – through Alana and David’s blog post here…). I must admit I was a touch daunted going into this one but my fear was misplaced. This was quite simply one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever photographed. Jon and Elaine are a really fab couple and I can’t thank them enough for supplying such a great set of photo opportunities and trusting me on the day – yes those Minis were doing about 30mph less then a couple of feet away! A truly epic wedding and an epic set of wedding photos to boot.

Not sure I can say much more than that. I think this is one of the most photo heavy posts I’ve ever made but I just couldn’t whittle them down. Somehow I ended up with 75% more selects than normal. So many fab shots are still waiting to see the light of day; I had to be really hard with the editing! Anyway without any further ado, I’ll say thanks to Chris Beaumont from Gryphon Photography for helping me out on the day and leave you all with the photos…

Wedding: West Wickham – Jo and James

Jul 22

Right sorry about the delay all, I’m just about getting my head back above water. Turns out four weddings and a move in a week isn’t such a good plan!

This was a bit of a strange wedding for me, I actually only came along for a few portraits and a crazybooth. Jo and James were both at Rosie and Chris’s wedding last month (James is Rosie’s brother) and they loved the photographs so much they asked me to come along for theirs. They already had a photographer there for the day but they really wanted a crazybooth and some portraits of them in the evening. Not something I would normally do but since they’re such a great couple I thought “what the hell”.

Anyway really glad I accepted, it turned out to be a blast. We started off with some photos in a nearby cornfield, then set up the crazybooth for some fun, pausing in the middle for a quick sunset shot. Oh and these guys really know how to book a sunset!

Hopping Mad – CrazyBooth

Feb 10

So, Saturday saw this years Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, Hopathon. It’s a 12 hour sponsored dance held each year in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and, it’s always a hoot. Personally I’ve never seen quite so many home baked goodies at once either (maybe with the exception of a particular school fate when I was 10…). Anyway, to do my bit I wheeled out the “Crazy Booth”, (a mini photo studio with lots of crazy costumes) and sold photos all day for CF. As you might be able to tell from the photos, it was possibly a *little* bit fun ;)