Durham, well what can I say? It’s got to be one of my favorite cities in the world to photograph. Between the cloisters of the Cathedral (actually used as part of Hogwarts) and the narrow cobble streets, if you can’t get a good photo here it’s definitely time to hang up the camera. This one really did promise to be a mini adventure. On the drive up from Bristol we passed 5 car accidents before the guy behind me decided I was prime for number 6. No major damage done but we did have a mini heart attack until we’d checked all our cameras were still functioning a-ok).

Gemma and Matt tied the knot in St Chad’s college, where Gemma used to study – she even spent the morning of the wedding (and the night before) back in one of her old uni rooms. Very cool room on the 4th floor with a great view (not so good for carrying camera gear up though!). Very cool wedding and obviously with the pair both being officers there were uniforms aplenty. Gemma even had her own sword, how cool is that? (I really need to find an excuse to be able to wear a sword…)
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Anyway, contrary to the common convention I’m actually going to start at the end with this one of Gemma and Matt outside Durham Cathedral. After their first dance we decided to get some air and go for a wander. Seeing the magnificent cathedral lit up and casting amazing shadows over the nearby trees I just couldn’t resist.

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