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Wedding: Winkworth Farm, Wiltshire – Abby and Dan

Sep 4

The lovely Abby and Dan got married on one of the loveliest days of the year, in a barn near Bath. If that description screams ‘vintage’ to you, you wouldn’t be wrong. Abby has an incredible eye for detail, and she used it to full effect on her wedding day. The barn was decorated with typewriters and vintage crockery, and the bride and bridesmaids all wore funky petticoats under their dresses.

What made this day really stand out from other vintage weddings was Abby’s slightly alternative style: old lemonade bottles sat next to Hello Kitty badges, and the bride’s 50s-style ankle socks contrasted with her awesome array of tattoos.

Although Abby and Dan put a huge amount of time and effort into making the details of their wedding absolutely perfect, the day itself was incredibly relaxed. It was a real family affair, with everyone chilling out with ice creams or playing garden games outside in the glorious sunshine. Definitely one to remember.

Anyway, I know Abby and Dan have been looking forward to seeing these, so I’ll leave you to gasp over how quirky, detailed and achingly cool their wedding was. Hope you enjoy!

Ice Cream Tricycle: Café Bon Bon
Harpist: Shelley Fairplay
Cake: Jelly Cake
Cartoonist: Sarah Bailey

Wedding: Clifton College, Bristol – Claire and Jim

Aug 27
Clifton College Bristol Wedding

Jim and Claire’s wedding was really great on so many levels – for a start, it allowed me to return to my old stomping grounds in Bristol for the weekend. And quite frankly I couldn’t have wished for a better couple to go exploring Clifton and Ashton Court with (and the groomsmen even had a pre-ceremony lunch in my old local, the Albion!). Jim, Claire and their bridal party were great fun, energetic and two of the warmest people I’ve met.

I also have to thank both them and Clifton College (which is STUNNING, by the way!) for treating me like a ‘guest’ rather than ‘staff’. It really helps: eating alongside the other guests means that I can take really relaxed shots as everyone’s at ease with me, and having a venue who are willing to help get the best shots makes my work so much easier – they definitely helped when I was taking some of my more artistic, dramatic nighttime portraits. I can’t thank you all enough for making Will and I feel so welcome (perhaps too welcome, Jim – this is the first time my second has taken a photo of the groom in the shower!)

Anyway, I’ll let the photos do the talking now. Suffice to say it’s rare to attend such a classy, glamorous and friendly wedding – it was a real honour. Jim, I hope your wrist is fully mended now (Jim had injured it in a motorcycle accident, which made getting the ring on a bit challenging!) and I hope you both had a really fantastic honeymoon. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Dress: Charlie Brear
Make-up: Elle Hitchens
Florist: Lisa Elliott
Cake: Pretty Amazing Cakes

Wedding: Caer Llan, Wales – Gemma & Dan

Aug 22
Wedding Dancers First dance Wales

I’m going to struggle to do justice to the awesome day that was Dan and Gemma’s wedding in mere words. I’ve known these guys for many years now – they’re lindy hoppers too and such good fun. They held their wedding in a gorgeous part of Wales and, get this – it was dog friendly! Their lovely rescue dog Dash accompanied them on their special day, and quite frankly I think that tells you everything you need to know about this lovely, friendly, happy couple. So without further ado I’ll let you see their photos…

Congratulations guys, hope you had a great safari-honeymoon!

Venue: Caer Llan
Dress: Pronovias
Shoes: Diane Hassall
Suits: Moss Bros
Flowers: Flowers by Victoria

Wedding: Hayes – Sara and Simon

Aug 16
Dramatic Wedding portrait light beams tree epic bride and groom

Well I’m going to keep this brief as I’m very behind at the moment. I just couldn’t wait to show off Sara and Simon’s wedding photos though!

You may remember these guys from their e-shoot around London a couple of months ago. Well, their wedding was just as beautiful. It was also an incredibly poignant celebration of life; in particular a celebration of Sara’s wonderful father who was so integral to helping organise the wedding, but who tragically didn’t manage to see the day itself.

So, to Papa Kettle, to Sara and Simon, and to an incredible life ahead of you both – here are the photos…

Wedding: Penthouse Pavilion Suite at the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair, London. With pre-wedding at the Ritz Hotel London – Sarah and Eric

Jul 6
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

Sarah and Eric’s wedding was a real family affair. For some reason that description usually conjures up images of cosy weddings, but this was pretty glamorous. Sarah got ready at the Ritz then went on to the ceremony and reception at the Penthouse Pavilion in the Dorchester. You may remember this venue from another Sarah’s wedding, and that’s no coincidence – the wedding planner (another Alex!) was asking on the Internet for a small, quality venue in London and I pointed her towards Sarah and Simon’s wedding. Thankfully they liked the photographer as well as the venue and booked both of us!

Sarah and her three lovely children (I’m not sure I can call them that since they’re all grown up!) were just as glamorous as the venues. Her daughter Becky was Sarah’s too-cool-for-school maid of honour, and her sons Will and Alex (yes, a third Alex!) looked incredibly dapper in their suits. It was really heart-warming to see all three of them helping Sarah and Eric to make their big day happen.

Sarah loves 1920′s vintage glamour and asked to get some photos with the kids before the ceremony, so we grabbed an hour or so before heading to the Dorchester and took photos inspired by films like The Great Gatsby at the Ritz. Then it was on to the Dorchester, where Sarah and Eric had a beautifully intimate ceremony and a laid back reception that made the most of the sun. It was one of those weddings where you could always hear laughter – the best kind of wedding.

And on that note, I’ll let you have a peep at the shots. Sarah and Eric – I’m looking forward to seeing you both for lunch soon!

Wedding Prep-LocationThe Ritz
Wedding VenueThe Dorchester
Wedding PlannerThe Bijou Bride
Hair & Make-upGemma Sutton
Bands – ‘Niche Quartet’ and ‘The Super Rollers’
Wedding CakeElizabeth’s Cake Emporium
StationaryBerin Made
FlowersThat Flower Shop
BalloonBon Bon Balloon
Primary Wedding PhotographerAlex Beckett
Assistant Photographer – Robert Pack

Wedding: Faye & Oscar – Linconshire

Jul 2
(c) Alex Beckett Photography - www.alexbeckett.co.uk

It’s going to be a short but sweet post today, folks, as wedding season is starting to heat up as much as the weather! Best get on with the rest of the editing…

Well, what can I say about Faye and Oscar? Army girl meets RAF boy, they fall in love… and you know the rest. I have to admit I was really worried about the wedding on the day itself. My assistant Will and I stayed over in Peterborough the night before and we were woken at 4am by the sound of the heaviest hail I’ve ever heard. It didn’t bode well for a marquee wedding!

Clearly someone was looking out for Faye and Oscar, though, because by some miracle the hail cleared, the clouds blew away and a day that was forecast to include torrential rain and flash flooding turned into one of the sunniest of the year!

Right, I said I’d be brief, so without further ado, here’s the photos…

Dress: Farnham Boutique
Caterers: Willoughby Catering
Hair: Alison King
Marquee: East coast/Cambridge Marquees
Band: The Northern Monkeys
Primary Photographer: Alex Beckett
Secondary Photographer: Will Stedman

Pre-Wedding: St Paul’s Cathedral & Southbank, London – Meng-Hua & Jeremy

Jun 24
Pre-Wedding Portrait taken at St Paul's Cathedral, London. Dramatic photo with rain very British.

Wow that was fun. Just got back from a quick 1/2 day pre-wedding shoot around London with Meng-Hua and Jeremy both over especially from Taiwan. Had a blast wandering around St Paul’s and then across the river to South Bank when it got dark.

Anyway I best get to bed but just wanted to put this one up from St Paul’s where we got stuck in the rain!

Thanks for having me along guys, really hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in the Lake District and your wedding back in Taiwan in May.

Engagement Shoot: City of London – Sara and Simon

Jun 12
The Gherkin London City Wedding engagement photo

With their wedding quickly approaching and after a failed attempt earlier in the month at an engagement shoot just outside Cambridge, Sara and Simon opted to come to London for attempt number 2. We prayed to the weather gods and this time we were not let down.

Queue a sun-and-laughter-filled adventure wandering around the streets of the Capital taking some relaxed photos along the way. I learned about Sara’s thumb war prowess and Simon’s ability to constantly make her laugh!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did guys and looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks bright and early for the wedding!

Wedding: Longstowe Hall, Cambridge – Tara & Tom

Jun 3

So Tara and Tom had been keeping an eye on my work for four years (yes, that was a big ego boost – thanks guys!), ever since I shot their friend Alana’s wedding. When they booked me, they already had a list of my shots that they liked, including my sparkler photos – you can see the result of that inspiration in the photos of their beautiful wedding at Longstowe Hall in Cambridge.

Tara wanted to create an atmosphere of enchantment – a forest feel – and with the gorgeous setting of Longstowe that wasn’t hard to make the wedding feel like A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Longstowe is a beautiful Elizabethan country house set smack in the middle of woodland, with lakes and manicured gardens galore. The venue alone was a bit of a gift for a wedding photographer, but Tara and Tom were even more so as a couple. They were willing to go the extra mile to get the photos they wanted – they even let me steal them away in between dinner courses to get some shots by the lake at sunset. That’s dedication! They are also incredibly romantic, which really showed with the decorations (flowers in bird cages – inspired) and with the day overall. As if sending Tara a lovely letter and present in the morning wasn’t enough, Tom put grooms everywhere to shame by picking her up during the dancing.

In fact, the whole wedding party were pretty great. Despite some of the bridesmaids not being massive fans of having their photographs being taken (I can sympathise – that’s why I make sure I’m always behind the camera!), they were all brilliant sports and had a lot of fun getting ready at Hotel Felix in the morning. Then there were two groomsmen (you know who you are guys!) who made it their mission to create laughter wherever they went.

To be honest, this felt like a bit of a blessed wedding. The weather was on its best behaviour, the ceremony was just saturated with emotion and I even managed to persuade Tom Archer back to be my second photographer – great to work with you again mate.

I’ll let you take a peek at the photos now. Tara and Tom – thank you so much for having me along, and I hope had a brilliant time in Monaco!

Pre-Wedding: Queen’s, King’s and St John’s College Cambridge – Gina and Suay-Wei

May 9
St Johns College Cambridge Wedding Portrait

Wow, I’m on a blogging spree this week! Next up it’s Gina and Suay-Wei who came over from Singapore for Suay-Wei’s graduation ceremony.

When Suay-Wei first contacted me he asked for a pre-wedding shoot around the gorgeous old city of Cambridge. Usually it’s the bride-to-be who wants to arrange everything and I must confess I was a touch surprised that Gina never wanted to talk. Instead, between us Suay-Wei and I came up with a plan and hired the ever talented make-up artist Ashley Gifford of Primp Powder Pout.

On the day, Gina’s silence all became clear. Being the romantic that he is, Suay-Wei had actually only proposed to Gina the previous night! He’d arranged the whole shoot as a great way to remember the occasion in the hope that she’d say yes. Luckily she did and we set about creating some great portraits with the beautiful city of Cambridge as our backdrop.

Despite Suay-Wei being a Cambridge graduate and actually still having a valid student card we weren’t able to get official permission to photograph in any of the colleges. We ket a low profile but the engagement shoot still became a bit of a game of cat-and-mouse with the porters. We managed to visit all the important places with sentimental value for Suay-Wei though,: Queens College (Suay-Wei’s own college), Claire College, Trinity and the beautiful St John’s College. We had a lot of laughs en route and came away with some amazing memories

Suay-Wei and Gina really are an awesome couple and I think I’m nearly as pleased as Suay-Wei that Gina said ‘yes’!

I’ll let you look at the photos now, but before I go: all the best with the future wedding guys!