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Engagement Shoot: London – Lesley-Ann & Chris

Dec 16
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

It’s been a bit odd editing this pre-wedding shoot from the Autumn… because it’s only been a few weeks since I shot Leslie-Ann and Chris’ wedding in Newmarket (more of that soon)! This was a very relaxed shoot around London, designed to help Leslie-Ann and Chris feel comfortable in front of the camera. I’m not sure why they were a bit self-conscious to begin with – they’re naturally photogenic and I think their sweetness and sense of fun really come across in the photos…

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: London Bridge – Kath and Kai

Dec 14
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

Hey guys, so are you ready for a crazy week of blogging? That’s right – it’s Project Get-Everyone’s-Photos-To-Them-Before-Christmas! I will hopefully be putting up quite a few blog posts in the next few weeks, but I’m going to keep each one short and sweet.

And I’m going to kick off the week with the lovely Kath and Kai’s pre-wedding shoot in London. These guys are getting married next year and wanted to grab a bit of time with me walking along the Thames and focusing on my more epic landscape shots. Featuring one of my favourite shots of the year – I think you’ll know the one I mean when you see it…

Wedding: Old Hall, Stutney, Ely – Sheena & Aaron

Dec 7
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

Being a wedding photographer can be an odd job, because you’re both employee and, at least on the wedding day itself, an extra friend. And there are couples who seem to have inadvertently welcomed me into their entire friendship group! So it was that Sheena and Aaron got me on board after I’d photographed Holly and Phil, and Gemma and James’ weddings in years gone by. It’s always really lovely to see my old couples again, so it was an especially lovely touch by Sheena and Aaron to pop me on a table with them all at dinner!

And of course when these guys hired me I had a pretty good idea of what I was letting myself in for: an absolute ball of a time, because Sheena, Aaron and their mates are a seriously fun-and-loving crowd. The kind of people who show off their ‘groomsmen’ boxers at the end of the night, and send each other ‘cold feet’ packages in the morning (complete with slippers and photos).

I just hope the joy and love of the day is reflected in the photos – but I’ll leave you to be the judge of that!

Wedding: Emmanuel College, Cambridge – Lydia & Jerry

Dec 7
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

I actually met Jerry yonks ago through my wife, Holly, when he did some awesome theatre work for her. Fast forward a few years and I’m feeling pretty honoured that Jerry and Lydia chose me to photograph their wedding.

Emmanuel College is where Jerry grew up (his father is a Fellow there), so it was really amazing that he and Lydia were the first couple to get married under the very tree that he used to play under as a boy – talk about sentimental value! And as for Lydia and Jerry: well, it takes a special kind of couple who let their photographer experiment with dinosaur-gadgets…

Wedding: Big Wedding Weekend, Festival of Love, Festival Hall, Southbank – Indre and Tom

Nov 10
Alex-Beckett-Photography_2202 Wedding couple in an Opera box Royal Festival hall big wedding weekend

Well this was a truly unique wedding. In the most incredible celebration of equality in marriage, this summer the Southbank Centre invited 20 couples to get married there on the same day, at the same time – the climax of their festival of Love – The Big Wedding Weekend. It was the first time anyone has been married at the Southbank Centre, and the joy and excitement of the day was infectious. I don’t think there’s anything that can describe the joy of seeing twenty couples from all walks of life being cheered by thousands of people – some dearly loved and some total strangers.

But this was an honour for me in more ways than one – Indre and Tom were an absolute joy to photograph. They gave me tonnes of brilliant moments to snap – a ‘first look’ before they went into the ceremony, a lovely long walk around the Southbank before the wedding breakfast and they even brought props!

It was the kind of day you want to share with your own special person, and when the huge swing band started up I really wished my wife Holly was with me (particularly as we met swing dancing!). It was that kind of day – totally devoted to celebrating love, and one that made you want to share the memories with your nearest and dearest.

Congratulations Indre and Tom, hope you like the photos!

Make-up and Hair: Gemma Sutton
Dress: BHLDN
Flowers: Morgann Hill
Venue: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre.

Wedding: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge – Steph and James

Nov 9
Corpus Christi College Cambridge Wedding Photography

Steph and James came all the way back from Australia to get married at the gorgeous Corpus Christi College in Cambridge – and kudos to their Australian friends and family who made the trip with them!

Cambridge is a bit of a spiritual home for me already, having lived there for many years, but this wedding held a bit more sentimentality for me because Steph (with exceptionally good taste!) got ready at the Hotel du Vin, which is where I got ready for my own wedding three years ago. The high jinx began in earnest when we moved on to Corpus, though, where James was getting ready – cue a rather odd game of hide and seek to make sure he didn’t catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride to be!

Steph and James got everyone laughing very quickly with little personal touches and fun games – photos of their guests decorated the tables, and they had a great time introducing everyone to the Cambridge tradition of ‘pennying’ drinks. I’m going to play a game of my own with you now – spot the photo where they’re holding Steph’s father down so they can penny his drink!

Thanks so much guys, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Dress – Elizabeth de Varga (Queensland, Australia)
Hair – Hayley Allen
Make-Up – Flash Kate
Bouquets and Buttonholes – Karen Coffey

Wedding: Winchester House, London – Gemma & James

Nov 9
Wedding Photography London Taxi

These guys have to be the original party animals! Gemma and James totally rocked out their wedding in Winchester House in Richmond. Not just did they have one of the coolest cakes I’ve seen, they also had a photobooth in a London cab and a bouncy castle! Theirs was a really awesome alternative wedding that was just full of fun, laughter and jaegerbombs.

I’m going to keep things really short as I’m on a bit of a blogging storm this week, but suffice to say it’s been a while since I’ve been to a wedding this raucous! Thanks for having me along guys, (and a quick shout out to Lizzie, who recommended me) it was a real blast!

Cake – Choccywockydoodah
Dress – Fur Coat, No Knickers
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Stationery – WedFest (www.wedfest.co)
Venue: Winchester House (www.winchesterhouse.co.uk)
Hotel: The Lodge Hotel (www.thelodgehotellondon.com)

Wedding: Orchardleigh Park, Frome, Somerset – Sara & David

Nov 7
Alex Beckett Photography (www.alexbeckett.co.uk)

These guys are two of the warmest, friendliest people I’ve ever met, and their wedding was the kind of old school romantic affair that makes me tear up a bit (not an easy task!). Romance really was the word of the day, with David spending ages decorating the bridge to the church with flowers, and Sara arriving at the ceremony in a horse and carriage. Just to push the fairytale atmosphere even further, there was a bit of falconry after the ceremony… as you do!… and fireworks to end the night. Just brilliant. As if that wasn’t enough, this amazing couple sat me at the top table (what an honour!) and livened up the dance floor with some Lebanese dancing from Sara’s lovely family.
I’ll let you look at the photos now, but thanks so much for making me feel so welcome guys, and hope to see you in Lebanon someday!

Wedding: Battersea Arts Centre, London – Emma & Chris

Nov 6
London Wedding Photographer Battersea Arts Centre

I knew Emma and Chris’ wedding was going to be unusual right from the start, when they told me where they were getting married – it’s not often you get to photograph a wedding in a theatre and an old bowls club! Despite missing taxis and the Prudential bike race doing their best to mess things up, this was a lovely, chilled out wedding. Emma and Chris really cared about their guests, involving them in the celebrations from the start to the end of the day, from getting everyone singing karaoke to giving everyone movie-themed posters for the crazy booth.
I’m a bit backed up at the moment so I won’t say too much more. Here’s the photos (and yes that is a lego table plan – how blummin’ cool is that?!)

Wedding: Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland – Kirsty & Aaron

Oct 23
(c) Alex Beckett Photography - www.alexbeckett.co.uk

I love it when my couples are seriously into their photos, because I know they’re going to give me some brilliant opportunities. The lovely Kirsty and Aaron are no exception. Added to that is the fact that they’ve got to be two of the most generous people I’ve met – Kirsty even picked me up from the ferry the day before! They’d laid on pretty much everything you can think of to entertain their guests: fireworks, Highland marching bands and, of course, bacon buttes for the bus home.

Mount Stuart is a gorgeous wedding venue – think remote Scottish castle (you even have to take a ferry to get to Bute) complete with billiards room and a stunning marble chapel. I’ve never photographed a ceremony held ‘in the round’ before, but after this wedding I’ve been wondering why more venues don’t do the same – it’s a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and making the couple literally feel at the centre of their day!

I hung around the day after the wedding as well, and Kirsty and Aaron got dressed up in their finery once more so we could take some extra couples portraits by the sea. It was made all the better by bumping into some of their friends on the way – a really fun way to spend the day after your wedding.

Hope you had as much fun as everyone else did guys, you throw a great party – thanks for having me along!

Venue – Mount Stuart
Florists – Red floral
Hair & nails -Gemma Chatterson, Red Hairdressers
Grooms suit – Whitfield & Ward
Brides dress- Maggie Sottero
Second Photographer – Jim Davies