Wedding: Shire Hall, Woodbridge and Hoo. James and Klair

So I’m going to keep this one brief since I’m a touch snowed under by photos at the moment! Anyway Saturday was the turn of Klair and James to get married. I must say I started the day with some trepidation since James is the first friend whose wedding I’ve photographed. Normally my couples know me as a photographer first and foremost so getting down to taking pictures on the day is no biggie. It’s what I’m there for. With James and Klair however I had to transport myself from friend mode and into Photographer mode for the majority of the day before I could relax and have a drink with them. It was also the first wedding I’ve photographed with Jelena assisting me instead of the usual Holly. It all turned out brilliantly though, the day was perfect, exceedingly relaxed and just joyful. From what I’ve seen of Jelena’s photographs they look super awesome and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Here’s a few of mine to be going on with though….


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AlexBeckett_5298._DSC4425_ShireHall AlexBeckett_5288._DSC3898_ShireHall




More to come!

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  1. Love the photos, AGAIN (I should come up with something new to say). Particularly like (top to bottom, left to right) six, nine and 11. Was it Jelena who I know (came to my leaving party) who helped you this time?

  2. Great stuff, Alex! Can I ask you how you lit that first photo (if you used flash). It looks like that would be a challenge to place the lights what with the stream being there. The reflection is great too.

  3. Very inspiring images. Love the composition and depth of the portrait of the bride and groom in the garden. Love the ring shot as well!

    Michael Kent – Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

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